Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween party and tourist for a day

Happy Halloween everyone! Hopefully some of you dressed up for work today. Seeing as I forgot today was actually Halloween, I did not dress up. Plus most of my costumes are not work appropriate. :) We did, however go out all dressed up on Friday. Matt chose my outfit (see post below), our friends came over, and we went to a house party nearby. It was a lot of fun. It had been forever since we had gone out, especially to a house party. I was a little hesitant at first, I wasn't sure what kind of house party this was going to be. The more "adult" one where you can bring over a bottle of wine and people chill inside, or the "college" one where you stand in the yard with your beer in a backpack because you aren't sharing. Luckily it was more of the "adult" version but involved beer pong and shots like the good ol' college days. The perfect blend. It was so much fun we ended up staying until almost 2am! So much for boot camp on Saturday morning, oh well! :)

the group, on our way to the party

After recovering from a small but annoying hangover, Jessica, Joe, Matt and I went out to breakfast at World Famous on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous day and we had nothing to do. Besides waiting forever for our food (which was annoying) it was a fabulous brunch. After saying goodbye, Matt and I headed off to the dreaded grocery store. Ah the joys of life. We even decided to hit up Costco while we were out (double fun!). After that we were exhausted and just wanted to relax, so we stopped off at the nail salon that afternoon and got pedicures. Those were awesome. I absolutely love getting a pedicure, and I recently talked Matt into going with me. He is now completely addicted. No, he doesn't get color, but they did "buff" the toe nails this time around making them all shiny and healthy looking. Plus they give a fabulous foot massage and get rid of those pesky calluses (yuck!). We spent the rest of the evening doing nothing and it was fabulous! One night out, one night in.

Sunday we did something that I have always wanted to do: we were cheesy tourists and took the Old Town Trolley all over San Diego. We went with a group of Supply Officers, their wives, and their kids. We spent the afternoon checking out all of San Diego and learning a lot! We made a few stops where we could walk around and take some pictures. We even grabbed some delicious dessert at Extraordinary Desserts....YUM! Here are a few snapshots of San Diego and Balboa park (2 of our stops).....

 the view from Coronado

my handsome hubby

in the trolley!

gorgeous balboa park

san diego, california baby!! :)

As you can tell, I love a good black and white photo. Feels more artsy or something. :) It was a lot of fun to ride around and check out the city we call home. And it was the perfect day to do it. While a lot of the east coast was getting covered in snow, it was 75 and sunny in San Diego. I was wearing shorts and a tank top all day long! Gotta love the gorgeous weather of Southern California. Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend too. Stay warm east coasters!

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