Tuesday, October 18, 2011

officially FLC

After 10 long, agonizing weeks I finally got my new license plates! Check it out....

I ordered this beauty in August and wanted it to be a surprise for Matt when he got home, but apparently the DMV runs on its time and not on my time, so I waited a tad longer. Luckily, it was totally worth the wait! I am officially "First Lady Clute". Why, you ask, would I get a license plate that says that? Well, long story short, it's a nickname I got when Matt and I were first dating. Everyone referred to him as "Clute" so I became "First Lady Clute". It stuck, I love it, and now it's on my ride. I am also a proud Navy wife. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

p.s. spellcheck does not approve of "Clute" (need to find a way to change that)......it also doesn't like "DMV", but who does?


Meredith said...

Love it, Yay! You are the First Lady Clute!!! :) And I love that it says California and Navy Wife! So fun!

Samantha said...

LOL - awesome!!