Monday, November 7, 2011


Due to a small amount of peer pressure I am posting this hilarious (to me) story.....

This last weekend was pretty boring and laid back. Did some shopping on Saturday, and since Matt had to work on Sunday, my day revolved around the grocery store and cleaning the house. You know, fulfilling my domestic duties, which also included laundry. As I was waiting for dinner to finish cooking I pulled the white load out of the dryer. I tossed it on the sofa and Harley immediately climbed right on top (he loves warm laundry). I sat down next to him and began folding while watching TV. Finally I was down to the dreaded sock matching. I was doing pretty good until I couldn't find the matching fuzzy white sock of Matt's. Then I spotted it under Harley (typical). I went to pull it out from under him and quickly realized this was not a sock. It was actually his wiener I pulled on (I gave it quite a tug too). Oopsie. My bad. Harley immediately turned his head and gave me the death stare. I managed to choke out a "sorry buddy" in the middle of my fit of laughter. I even told him how upset Daddy would be with me since that is a very sensitive area. In my defense (in case I am questioned by the authorities) half of his wiener is covered in black fur and the other half white, so what I thought was a white sock was not actually a white sock..... After I finally stopped laughing I gave him a snuggle, washed my hands, and vowed to pay more attention when folding the laundry next time.

....Happy Monday everyone....except Harley who is probably still recovering from his injuries.


Meredith said...

hahahha, sorry Mr. H!! But loved the story!!!

Samantha said...

Ouch.. Poor little guy! "Mommy, don't ever do that again!" Hope he is recovering from that little incident!