Thursday, November 10, 2011

tis the season

As most of you probably know, Matt and I are taking off for 2.5 weeks to Australia and New Zealand around Christmas time. It is going to be the trip of a lifetime and we can't wait to see that part of the world! And going in December means Matt can actually get some time off (yay) and it happens to be summer time over there (double yay). But going in December also means Christmas shopping has to be done in November, aka now!

Since we have been planning this trip for months I was well aware that my shopping would have to be completed before Thanksgiving. I have been thinking of ideas for a while now so I wouldn't be stressed out and trying to do a million things at once. And while I was thinking of gift ideas for family, I was also keeping a wish list for myself. I had it going on a nice little excel spreadsheet, one column listing the item, the other column listing the store that sold it. This way when my Grandma or Mom asked what I wanted it would be easy to give them the list. But then I stumbled upon this awesome website, My Registry. It is just like a wedding registry, except there is no expiration date and you can link stuff from any website you want! You just browse the sites, find what you want, and click "add to my registry". You can add notes and size/color information, etc. It is awesome. In fact Matt has even added a nice guitar and motorcycle to his gift list, just in case someone really wanted to splurge this year. haha.

I highly recommend this site to everyone! You get to choose what you want and don't get stuck with unwanted lame gifts (as long as people stick to the registry). Check it out! Happy shopping everyone!

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