Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey day

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a little MIA. I went home for Thanksgiving and came back to a decent work load and a lot of stuff to do at home. We leave for our trip on Friday and there is still a ton of stuff to take care of between now and then. I actually need to start packing tonight, but until then, how about a little Turkey day recap?!

Harley and I hit the road bright and early last Wednesday. Harley was going to be staying at my Mom's place while we are on our trip, so he was my little co-pilot. And since Matt had duty Thanksgiving day he had to stay behind, but was going to fly up on Friday morning and meet us. And while I want to complain about him having duty on one of my favorite holidays, I am just thankful he is home at all (and not deployed) and was able to fly up for the short amount of time we did have. Overall, the drive was decent, not too much traffic. We got home just in time to unload the car, relax a little, and then enjoy dinner. And Harley sure was excited to see his Grandma and all the pups. They, however, were not as excited to see him. Eh, can't please them all.

Thursday was the big day! We didn't have to be over at my Aunt's house until 2pm, so I got up, lounged around for an hour or so and then took the dog for a run. No, not Harley. Harley hates all exercise unless it involves chasing another dog. Walks = torture to him. I took my fur brother Ryan. He is the youngest golden and has the most energy. I thought he might get a little out of control and I might have to bring him back early, but he was pretty good. We ran over 4 miles together. A little exercise before the big meal. My sister arrived home around 11am and at 2pm we were off for the family gathering. I hadn't been home for Thanksgiving in 2 years so it was nice to see everyone and catch up. I miss living so close to family, and even though I felt like I saw people recently, the little kids had grown so much! My niece is almost walking and talking already. Time sure flies. 

part of the family

After settling in and getting the house tour we hung out and had a lot of girl talk. And somehow, no matter what, we always end up talking about boobs. It's actually pretty funny and an ongoing joke in our family. Even though there was a lot of boob talk, we still managed to watch some football. By the end of the day I was exhausted. I ate a little too much pie (who doesn't) and a whole lotta turkey, so I was ready for bed by 8pm! Gotta love a good meal and a good night's rest....ahhh.

After picking Matt up from the airport on Friday we headed up to our favorite Christmas tree lot in Apple Hill. Its a bit of a drive out in the hills, but its gorgeous, they have great cider, cute crafts, and we get to cut down our own tree. We have been going to the same tree farm, the day after Thanksgiving since I was a teenager (I think). haha. I love it. And it was great to be able to share the experience with Matt. He had never been before and since he was the only guy he got to cut down my Mom's tree!

After getting it all tied down on top of the jeep we headed over to enjoy a picnic lunch with the family and then do a little shopping. I got a cute Christmas gift, a new ornament and some delicious chocolate!!
The Hall girls

Saturday morning Matt and I got up and went for a run together. We took Ryan too since he was such a good dog last time. Working out with Matt is one of may favorite things. It's great to spend time together doing something you love. After our little workout we got ready and went to brunch with Sara, Grandma, and Rachel. I picked out this local restaurant (thank you yelp!) called the Mangy Moose. It had good food and a cute little location. Sara took off after that to finish up some homework, but Matt and I stayed behind and hung out a while longer. We even hit up Grandma's "Cheers" bar, where everybody knows her name. We needed a little quality time with them after spending a few days with my Mom. The time went by too fast, but they will both be coming down to San Diego to visit us over Christmas, so that will be really nice.

Saturday night was our night on the town. We went to see Blue Man group with my Mom, Sara and Aunt Kathy. It was so cool! It was a really great show and actually pretty funny (even though they don't talk at all). All the lighting and music and special effects .....visual overload but so awesome. I highly recommend going to see them if you can.

Unfortunately we had to drive back home on Sunday morning. We had to leave as early as possible so we could hopefully miss the traffic. The drive wasn't as bad as I was imagining, and we made it back before dark. I actually ended up running a few errands and grocery shopping that night! Pretty productive day!

Overall it was a really fun weekend. It was super busy and we had a ton going on but I am so glad we were both able to make it home to see my family. I know they appreciated the fact that Matt flew in, even though it was only for 2 days. I think he just may be the family favorite :). And we hope to make a trip in the spring since we won't be able to make it up for Christmas (Matt has duty Christmas day too). See you soon everyone!

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