Monday, December 5, 2011

sign of love

While I was home for Thanksgiving I gave my Mom one of her Christmas presents early. Originally I wanted her to open it on Christmas with all her other gifts, but after I finished it I was just too excited to wait. Plus I wanted to see her reaction when she opened them.

Around the beginning of November I got a picture message from her showing two signs that were up for auction at a dog event. They were vintage looking and had cute sayings on them. She asked me to make similar ones for her for Christmas. I quickly started researching how to make a vintage sign, made a list of what I needed and headed off to Michael's. Over the course of about a week I bought all the supplies (gotta use up all the coupons they give you!). Even though I had a craft day with the girls in a few weeks, I decided to get started on the project right away. I knew they would need a few base coats before I could work on the wording, and I knew that would take time. Plus they needed to be wrapped and ready to go by Thanksgiving.

Step 1 was putting on the first base color.

After it was all dry I slapped on a coat of crackle paint, waited 15 minutes, then painted the main color. The crackle paint give it that vintage look:


The navy blue base pops through the off white making it look worn. Love it. The second sign got a white base coat, with the main color being red to make it pop!

Painting all these coats, front and back, was the most time consuming part. I had these out in our living room for at least a week and would work on them while watching TV at night. After they dried completely I took them over to Jessica's house for craft day and painted on the words. I used stencils for most of it, and then free handed the cursive parts. Matt helped put the brackets on the back that would allow it to hang. Here is the final product:

I really enjoyed putting these together for my Mom. I think it means a lot more when you hand make a gift like this. I know every time she sees them in her house she will think of me. And they really didn't cost that much, just a little time and some creativity. And my Mom loved them! She said they were way better than the ones at the auction (yay!) and now her friend wants some too. Merry Christmas and happy crafting!

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