Friday, January 6, 2012

Auckland, New Zealand

On Wednesday we pulled into the big, well known city of Auckland. It was breezy and cool that day, but at least it wasn't raining. We got ready and left the ship, with no real plans for the day.
We hit up a nearby information booth and browsed through the many things to do around the city. Since we had such a great time bungy jumping the day before in Taupo, we thought we should check out the bridge jump in Auckland too. Why not? Instead of taking the shuttle to the location, we decided to walk so we could check out some of the city. It turned out to be a pretty far walk, but being able to get some exercise and see the cute neighborhoods was really enjoyable.
walking through town, sky tower in the background

They actually have a bungy jump off the sky tower, but it's more like floating than falling, and to be honest it's just a little too high for me (180 meters!).

We eventually arrived at our destination and got all geared up!

Then we were off to walk the bridge. It was a pretty long walk, about halfway across the bridge, into this little pod. It was shielded from the wind, which was awesome and people could relax without thinking they were going to be thrown off into the water.
They informed us that the order we would jump in (there was about 10 jumpers), was pre-determined based on weight. Matt was lucky enough to go first! Or unlucky, however you choose to see it. haha. They sat him down and started to gear him up.
And then it was time to jump!
Post jump happiness:

Matt seemed like he had a really good time. And the cord didn't break and he got back into the pod safely. I had confidence I would make it out just fine too. Soon enough, it was my turn. Eek. I thought I would be a lot less nervous since we did this the day before, but unfortunately that was not the case. I think I might have been more nervous, especially once they attached the cord to my feet and I felt that pull. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to jump off, voluntarily.
nervously looking out at the water
YAY I did it! Again!! I must admit, it is wayyyy harder to go by yourself. I also immediately closed my eyes and had to convince myself to open them back up so I could see the city. After swinging back and forth a bit I pulled the cord and they pulled me back into the pod. It was really fun and I am so glad we did it, again. When I finally got unhooked I realized I was shaking from all the adrenaline. Good times.
we did it! yay!

After getting back on land and purchasing our pictures, we decided lunch was up next. We headed over to the Sky Tower, went up to the top, and had lunch at the revolving restaurant. We got to see the entire city from above during our really amazing lunch. I had a delicious pasta that was to die for.
checking out the view

After lunch we still had a few hours to kill and didn't want to head back to the ship just yet, so we did a little bar hopping. We started at a place called Shakespeare, which wasn't as crowded as we had hoped. We checked out our guide book for recommendations and headed over to a back alley bar called BR. It had original rock walls and restored floors, so cool! It had a really great vibe and huge beers!!
We hung around there for a while before eventually walking back to the ship. And even though the weather was cloudy and cold, it was a really fun day. As the ship pulled out of port we got to watch a sailboat race....

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Samantha said...

Y'all are some buggy jumping' fools!! :) Glad you enjoyed it so much to go twice, crazy lady! Personally, I'll stick to skydiving. :)