Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 3,000 Miles Away (by Allison Brooks, Guest Blogger)

Holidays away from a loved one are always difficult; but they seem even more difficult when that loved one is a soldier. The typical barriers of time and space can be overcome by plane rides and phone calls for civilians. However, soldiers' lives are dictated by the orders they receive, and maintaining contact with them can prove to be difficult. But husbands, wives, and significant others should not let this get in the way of showing them love on any holiday; especially Valentine's Day. While the men and women in uniform are serving their country, get creative to make Valentine's Day as romantic as possible.

Valentine’s Care Package Party

First, get your friends together that also have loved ones in the military and have a care package party! Enjoy some wine, beer, or food while making some fun, romantic packages for your loved ones. It will not only be fun to have friends over, but also to create gifts together.

Get creative and load the box with candy, toys, cards, or even cheesy Valentine's Day underwear. Candy will be eaten or shared with fellow soldiers, and he or she will get a kick out of the underwear. Letters and cards take up virtually no space, and soldiers can read them as many times as they would like. Just be sure to write as lovingly as possible so he or she can feel the love through the paper.

Make a Photo Album

Find pictures that include the soldier and write loving memories of that day underneath each one. Either take time and make one yourself, or if you have children together, get them to personally design a mommy or daddy page. It will bring a big smile to your soldier’s face. And with websites like Shutterfly and Pisca, you can make professional album for a good price.

Skype and Phone Calls

While they may not have much time (if any at all), try to sneak in a quick phone call with the soldier.  Though it might be long distance, the sound of your voice or the site of your face would mean so much.  When you hear your loved ones voice, the distance between you, disappears. If he or she cannot talk directly, record a video message and send it to his or her email address. Those are always cute and heartwarming.

Mixed Tape… or CD

A musical Valentine's Day gift will not only touch a soldier's heart, it will also keep him or her entertained. Create a play list of love songs and place them on a CD or iPod. For a romantic twist, be sure to send it extra early and attach a note stating that you will be listening to it at a certain time on Valentine's Day, and request that he or she do the same.

Valentine's Day away from a soldier is hard, but keeping the love alive is not impossible. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then the love that is shared will never fade.

Allison is a fun-loving, adventurous being. When her job doesn’t have her traveling she enjoys guest blogging, riding her horse, or hanging out with friends. She loves to write about natural health and healing, but ever since her brother got word he would deploy she likes to share ideas about how to still be you, manage life, and keep the love alive when a loved one is not around. She recently started a blog of her own, Musings of a Curious Mind. Be sure to check it out.

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