Wednesday, March 28, 2012

weekend recap: visit with the mama

Last weekend we had some very special Mama and the golden boys! It had been a while since Jack and Ryan had visited San Diego, and they were in desperate need of a doggie beach vacation. And yes, we went to the beach every single day. Harley just couldn't believe that not only was Grandma visiting, but so were his Uncles and he got to go to the beach every day. Weather and errands permitting, H usually gets to go to the beach once a week, so three times in three days was quite the treat. Here are a few pictures from our trips to the beach:
they didn't care one bit that the water was freezing!

happy Jack

here comes H!

sandy Ryan
And with every fun filled trip to the beach came a trip to the dog wash. You play, you pay. Jack and Ryan really didn't mind the bath too much, and really loved the drying part. Harley hated every minute of it. By the third day he knew what was coming......

refusing to leave the beach, knowing a bath was in store.
I hadn't seen moves like this since he was a puppy refusing to go for a walk outside. I am sure people thought I was torturing my dog. haha.

Besides the beach, my Mom and I spent some time together looking at baby gear (I was in search for a great rocker). And while we were out I finally narrowed down the stroller.....we are getting a Bob! After reading all the reviews and trying out all the different strollers, as well as getting recommendations from other Moms, it is the stroller for us. We are super excited, especially since we got an REI coupon in the mail the other day which will really help reduce the cost! Woo hoo!! It will be our first big baby gear purchase.

And on Saturday night we went to the Lady Antebellum concert. Thompson Square and Darius Rucker opened, and both were amazing. Matt loved Hootie and the Blowfish, and country music has grown on him, so everyone was super excited to go. We got seats this time instead of the lawn, which was really nice. Lady A was so good! It was a great concert and I am so glad we were able to go together. The only downfall was the weather: it was so cold! By the end we couldn't wait to get in the car and blast the heater.

all bundled up but having a great time! :)
We also did a lot of relaxing and just hanging out. The dogs were huge fans....
Ryan taking a nap. ahhh the life.
H, super annoyed I kept trying to take his picture. :)

Even though my Mom was happy to get a mini-vacation, getting to see her growing grand baby was even more important! On Monday we all went to my Dr appointment and got to hear the heartbeat. It was a perfect 140, everything looks great. The belly is growing and I should really start to feel the movements now. Here are a few bump photos.

family photo

the bump. 16w 5d

Thursday, March 22, 2012

16 week belly bump

I know, I have been really slacking on the postings lately. Work has been a little hectic, but I promise to spice it up next week (not that I blog at work). My Mom will be in town this weekend so I should have plenty to recap about. In the meantime, I'm sure I can hold everyone over with a cute little 16 week bump photo:

post workout at exactly 16 weeks

The baby is definitely getting bigger! Most of my work pants don't fit and I finally got my belly band in the mail. I wore it once and it was heaven! I am happy to have more than 2 pairs of pants to choose from now. I will need to buy some real maternity clothes in a few weeks, but for now I will be able to get by just fine. I do wish I could just wear gym clothes or sweats to work every day. Comfortable and roomy. :) I also ordered two new pair of flats from Target, because what pregnant lady wants to wear heels? Not this one, that's for sure!

There is also a slight chance I am feeling the baby move around. I am not 100% sure since it is really subtle. I was expecting it to be very obvious. I should be able to distinguish them in a few weeks, but for now I enjoy poking the belly and trying to see if I feel anything. haha.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

15 week bump update!

Happy Friday everyone! Good pants are too tight!! haha. I actually had to unbutton them at work yesterday because they were just too uncomfortable. And when I asked Matt if he thought the bump was bigger, he said "stop sticking it out".....I wasn' the answer is definitely a yes. So today I made my first purchase of a belly band! Very exciting.

Here a picture of the bump and first baby Clute!

taken at exactly 15 weeks!

And here is our current child....the fur one....getting super excited when we told him baby Clute was on the way! :)

mid bark....there may have been a cookie involved too.

p.s. Girl is winning in the poll with 10 votes. But it's super close, boy has 9 votes. If you haven't voted, make sure to make your pick! We find out mid-April!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

healthy (and delicious) food for the baby

Considering my last post was about donuts, this one is going to seem way out of left field. But I can't survive on donuts all day now can I? or...can I?? Anyways, now tthat he nausea is gone and my appetite is back, I can eat all the yummy healthy things I was eating before I got pregnant, just adding in a few more grains here and there. Plus my doctor recommended know...for vitamins and all that jazz. So today I thought I would list a couple of my favorite (and new) additions to my prego diet!

First up, one of my favorite things to make, especially when the produce is fresh....eggplant pizza! It is really delicious and you feel like you are eating bread (sorta) but you aren't. I top it with pasta sauce, cheese, and any veggies/meat I have around the house. I made this the other night when Matt had to work, so I got to eat them for dinner and lunch the next two days (he was jealous).

pre oven....looking mighty tasty!!

I bake them at 350 for about 20 minutes, depending on how thick I cut the eggplant. The eggplant should be nice and tender before you take them out of the oven. Mmmm.

At my last appointment my doctor mentioned getting a lot of protein in my diet. She told me that quinoa has a lot of protein and is similar to a grain, so I feel like I'm eating a carb, and it's good for me! When I was at the store on Saturday I bought a package of quinoa, as well as a quinoa/brown rice mix. Considering Matt wasn't sure he would like it, we tried the quinoa/brown rice mix with dinner the other night. Matt thought it was a little different, but not horrible. I was sold! I loved it and would eat it every day. It is a great substitute for a rice or pasta side, and much healthier for baby.

not exactly what ours looked like, but close enough.
And finally my new go-to snack of choice....Larabars. Instead of eating regular granola bars full of who knows what, these delicious treats are all natural. You can actually read and pronounce all the ingredients. I have a peanut butter cookie one with me today and the only ingredients are dates, peanuts, and sea salt. Yep, that's it! Talk about good for you! And honestly, they taste great. So far I love the apple pie flavor. Perfect little sweet snack. I highly recommend picking up a few to try next time you are in the store.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a craving for donuts

but two very different kinds. And for two very different reasons.

Craving #1: donuts. The edible kind. Preferably a beautiful glazed twisty donut. Or two. Oh lordy, I just made myself hungry! I have always loved donuts, pretty much pastries of any kind. And now, this week, all I want to do is stuff my face with as many donuts as possible. Don't worry, I have yet to do that. I did, however, cave and buy one of those mini packages of crumb donuts at the grocery store last night. Thankfully I did not go and eat the entire package, I am splitting them up and eating two a day as a little treat. Matt even offered to help me out and eat a few himself. I told him to get the hell away from my donuts or lose a finger no thank you. :). I am hoping this craving goes away soon, because fighting it is getting rough.

not sure why I added this image, it's torturing me right now!!!

Craving #2: donut. The kind you sit on. No I did not fall on a cactus, and no I do not have hemorrhoids (TMI?), but I do have a tailbone that hurts when I sit down. And unfortunately for me, I sit on my butt Apparently this pain is due to a shifting uterus and pelvic bone (yay), and may unfortunately last the entire time (boo). In the meantime I have become a shifty person. Right cheek, left cheek, lean forwards, lean backwards. lol. But I really need to invest in one of those little donuts to sit on, I hear it really helps. Walgreen' I come (this could be dangerous, I can get both kinds of donuts here).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hello second trimester!

It's hard to believe the first trimester is already over! It seems like just yesterday we were telling our family and friends about the happy news, and now we are already a third of the way through the experience! Considering how great things have gone so far (knock on wood) I am very excited for all that awaits us. A bigger belly, feeling the baby move, finding out the sex, planning and decorating the room, etc. It's going to be a great 6 months. And on that note, how about a little belly update??

photo taken at 13w 4d

The shadows are a little weird in this picture, but it was such a nice day out I wanted to get a backyard photo. The little chalkboard I made while Matt was on deployment is the perfect size, and will now be our weekly bump tracker. :) To me, I don't feel like the bump is getting much bigger.....until I go and put on a pair of work pants and I notice how much tighter they have gotten. I see the hair tie trick and a belly band in the not so distant future.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

your guess is as good as mine

Another very common (and legit) question I get asked a lot is "when are you due?". Now, you would think this was a pretty straight forward answer. We live in the 21st century, we can clone an animal, we conduct stem cell research....why is it that we can't seem to calculate a due date for a baby with out causing a headache? Something you would think they have nailed down to an exact science considering all the babies that are born every day, is not so easy.

Take me for example. Every app or website I use online tells me my due date is August 30. Yet when I went in to the doctor's office they calculated it as September 1. Hmm. Lost 2 days. Oh well, they are the professionals, let's go with what they say, September 1 it is! Then we go in for the NT test where we get an ultrasound and low and behold, I lose another 3 days.....due date now September 4. I am told the ultrasounds are pretty accurate and they should be trusted. Okie dokie. Facebook announcement made, due date September 4! Go in for my appointment today....back to Sept 1. Huh what? I guess the doctor's office doesn't change my due date until they do their own U/S at 20 weeks. So am I back to September 1, or should I go with September 4? Personally, I think my due date is later. Based on when I got the positive pregnancy test, I would say 5-7 days later than they would calculate it as, which is around Sept 4. But, is this not the most confusing thing? I wish we would just pick a date and stick to it! People, do you realize I am trying to take weekly pictures of my belly? What am I supposed to write on my little chalkboard? 13 weeks.....maybe 14?? LOL.

And that brings me to another debate...when exactly do the trimesters end? At what week am I considered in the second trimester? Apparently this is a hot topic. And let's just say it's a hot mess. You would think everyone would agree on a system, perhaps at the national OBGYN convention they should vote and settle it once and for all. But nope, there are multiple ways to figure it out. According to my DR it's 12 weeks for the first, 12 weeks for the second and 16 weeks for the third. That means I am in the second trimester. But that could also mean I'm pregnant for 10 months, which just seems odd. And, hate to state the obvious, sometimes there are more than 4 weeks in a month. So, the other method is 13 weeks in the first, 13 weeks in the second, and 14 weeks in the third. Personally, I like that calculation better. But I feel confused regardless. And when someone asks how far along I am, I don't know what to say. For anyone that has been pregnant (or has a pregnant friend), I use weeks. We all understand the weeks and nod in recognition. For those unfamiliar, weeks = math calculation in the head = confused look and then a "so that's 3 months?". For these people, I just have to nod in agreement and move on. Unless of course their math is totally off and then I will definitely correct them. :)

Now that we all have a headache over when exactly I'm due.....let's take a break and watch/listen to baby Clute's heartbeat. Enjoy!

p.s. it was a party at the appointment today.....those are the super excited Grandparents-to-be you see in the video! And the proud Papa is capturing all the excitement!

p.p.s next time I promise to wear pants....or make Matt stand up to video. Not exactly the best angle. haha.