Friday, March 16, 2012

15 week bump update!

Happy Friday everyone! Good pants are too tight!! haha. I actually had to unbutton them at work yesterday because they were just too uncomfortable. And when I asked Matt if he thought the bump was bigger, he said "stop sticking it out".....I wasn' the answer is definitely a yes. So today I made my first purchase of a belly band! Very exciting.

Here a picture of the bump and first baby Clute!

taken at exactly 15 weeks!

And here is our current child....the fur one....getting super excited when we told him baby Clute was on the way! :)

mid bark....there may have been a cookie involved too.

p.s. Girl is winning in the poll with 10 votes. But it's super close, boy has 9 votes. If you haven't voted, make sure to make your pick! We find out mid-April!

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Samantha said...

The bump looks good on you! :) Pretty momma to be!