Thursday, March 8, 2012

a craving for donuts

but two very different kinds. And for two very different reasons.

Craving #1: donuts. The edible kind. Preferably a beautiful glazed twisty donut. Or two. Oh lordy, I just made myself hungry! I have always loved donuts, pretty much pastries of any kind. And now, this week, all I want to do is stuff my face with as many donuts as possible. Don't worry, I have yet to do that. I did, however, cave and buy one of those mini packages of crumb donuts at the grocery store last night. Thankfully I did not go and eat the entire package, I am splitting them up and eating two a day as a little treat. Matt even offered to help me out and eat a few himself. I told him to get the hell away from my donuts or lose a finger no thank you. :). I am hoping this craving goes away soon, because fighting it is getting rough.

not sure why I added this image, it's torturing me right now!!!

Craving #2: donut. The kind you sit on. No I did not fall on a cactus, and no I do not have hemorrhoids (TMI?), but I do have a tailbone that hurts when I sit down. And unfortunately for me, I sit on my butt Apparently this pain is due to a shifting uterus and pelvic bone (yay), and may unfortunately last the entire time (boo). In the meantime I have become a shifty person. Right cheek, left cheek, lean forwards, lean backwards. lol. But I really need to invest in one of those little donuts to sit on, I hear it really helps. Walgreen' I come (this could be dangerous, I can get both kinds of donuts here).


Samantha said...

Don't give into craving #1...dont doooo itttt Shanners:)

Suzanne said...

you can have a donut...or 2 :)