Wednesday, March 14, 2012

healthy (and delicious) food for the baby

Considering my last post was about donuts, this one is going to seem way out of left field. But I can't survive on donuts all day now can I? or...can I?? Anyways, now tthat he nausea is gone and my appetite is back, I can eat all the yummy healthy things I was eating before I got pregnant, just adding in a few more grains here and there. Plus my doctor recommended know...for vitamins and all that jazz. So today I thought I would list a couple of my favorite (and new) additions to my prego diet!

First up, one of my favorite things to make, especially when the produce is fresh....eggplant pizza! It is really delicious and you feel like you are eating bread (sorta) but you aren't. I top it with pasta sauce, cheese, and any veggies/meat I have around the house. I made this the other night when Matt had to work, so I got to eat them for dinner and lunch the next two days (he was jealous).

pre oven....looking mighty tasty!!

I bake them at 350 for about 20 minutes, depending on how thick I cut the eggplant. The eggplant should be nice and tender before you take them out of the oven. Mmmm.

At my last appointment my doctor mentioned getting a lot of protein in my diet. She told me that quinoa has a lot of protein and is similar to a grain, so I feel like I'm eating a carb, and it's good for me! When I was at the store on Saturday I bought a package of quinoa, as well as a quinoa/brown rice mix. Considering Matt wasn't sure he would like it, we tried the quinoa/brown rice mix with dinner the other night. Matt thought it was a little different, but not horrible. I was sold! I loved it and would eat it every day. It is a great substitute for a rice or pasta side, and much healthier for baby.

not exactly what ours looked like, but close enough.
And finally my new go-to snack of choice....Larabars. Instead of eating regular granola bars full of who knows what, these delicious treats are all natural. You can actually read and pronounce all the ingredients. I have a peanut butter cookie one with me today and the only ingredients are dates, peanuts, and sea salt. Yep, that's it! Talk about good for you! And honestly, they taste great. So far I love the apple pie flavor. Perfect little sweet snack. I highly recommend picking up a few to try next time you are in the store.


Samantha said...

yay for ditching the donuts!! That eggplant pizza looks delicious! Have you ever tried cauliflower pizza crust? You make it out of cauli, cheese and egg? It's pretty delicious! The crust I usually make is made with flax, coconut flour, egg and coconut milk - it's def not your normal crust but we love it!

Glad you tried larabars, aren't they good?? They're the only "breakfast bar" I will eat because as you put it, you can read all the ingredients. Be on the look out for blueberry muffin - it's my fav! Oh and cherry chocolate torte is really good, too. Ah heck, they all are! Also, Target sells a box of mini-larabars - I like those because I usually only eat half a bar in a sitting.

Ok, sorry for the long comment. Kisses the baby C!

First Lady C said...

I'm gonna have to hit up trader joe's or something to find more larabar variety, I think there were like 4 different kinds at the commissary.

I have not tried to make my own crust, maybe I should...prob on a day when matt isn't home bc he may not like it. :)