Thursday, March 1, 2012

your guess is as good as mine

Another very common (and legit) question I get asked a lot is "when are you due?". Now, you would think this was a pretty straight forward answer. We live in the 21st century, we can clone an animal, we conduct stem cell research....why is it that we can't seem to calculate a due date for a baby with out causing a headache? Something you would think they have nailed down to an exact science considering all the babies that are born every day, is not so easy.

Take me for example. Every app or website I use online tells me my due date is August 30. Yet when I went in to the doctor's office they calculated it as September 1. Hmm. Lost 2 days. Oh well, they are the professionals, let's go with what they say, September 1 it is! Then we go in for the NT test where we get an ultrasound and low and behold, I lose another 3 days.....due date now September 4. I am told the ultrasounds are pretty accurate and they should be trusted. Okie dokie. Facebook announcement made, due date September 4! Go in for my appointment today....back to Sept 1. Huh what? I guess the doctor's office doesn't change my due date until they do their own U/S at 20 weeks. So am I back to September 1, or should I go with September 4? Personally, I think my due date is later. Based on when I got the positive pregnancy test, I would say 5-7 days later than they would calculate it as, which is around Sept 4. But, is this not the most confusing thing? I wish we would just pick a date and stick to it! People, do you realize I am trying to take weekly pictures of my belly? What am I supposed to write on my little chalkboard? 13 weeks.....maybe 14?? LOL.

And that brings me to another debate...when exactly do the trimesters end? At what week am I considered in the second trimester? Apparently this is a hot topic. And let's just say it's a hot mess. You would think everyone would agree on a system, perhaps at the national OBGYN convention they should vote and settle it once and for all. But nope, there are multiple ways to figure it out. According to my DR it's 12 weeks for the first, 12 weeks for the second and 16 weeks for the third. That means I am in the second trimester. But that could also mean I'm pregnant for 10 months, which just seems odd. And, hate to state the obvious, sometimes there are more than 4 weeks in a month. So, the other method is 13 weeks in the first, 13 weeks in the second, and 14 weeks in the third. Personally, I like that calculation better. But I feel confused regardless. And when someone asks how far along I am, I don't know what to say. For anyone that has been pregnant (or has a pregnant friend), I use weeks. We all understand the weeks and nod in recognition. For those unfamiliar, weeks = math calculation in the head = confused look and then a "so that's 3 months?". For these people, I just have to nod in agreement and move on. Unless of course their math is totally off and then I will definitely correct them. :)

Now that we all have a headache over when exactly I'm due.....let's take a break and watch/listen to baby Clute's heartbeat. Enjoy!

p.s. it was a party at the appointment today.....those are the super excited Grandparents-to-be you see in the video! And the proud Papa is capturing all the excitement!

p.p.s next time I promise to wear pants....or make Matt stand up to video. Not exactly the best angle. haha.


Meredith said...

Love the update!! And Love hearing the heartbeat!!

Suzanne said...

What an awesome experience - so glad the timing worked out!!!