Monday, April 30, 2012

playing catch up

After posting the day of silence photos it looks like I took a little week of silence for myself. Mini blog vaca I guess. Well I am back, but just for today. Tomorrow Matt and I leave for a real mini vaca. We are heading north to check out Monterey, SF and then home to the valley to see family and friends. We are super excited and just want today to end so we can start our little road trip! In the meantime, how about a little recap of what we have been up to and a new bump photo?!!

Last weekend we had fun with some friends and also worked on some baby stuff. Friday night we went to our first baseball game of the season. Two prego ladies and four navy guys. It was really fun and quite delicious....double twisted churro!! :) I was in heaven! Even though the Padres lost we still got to enjoy the lovely fireworks show after the game. Baby girl loved it too, she was wiggling all around during the show. And Saturday night was another friend filled evening. I went out with some girls for a lovely dinner at Urban Cafe downtown.

girls night out :)

And since Matt didn't want to be left at home by himself he set up a "man night". The boys got together for drinks at Mr. A's and then dinner at Cucina Urbana in Hillcrest. I thought their night would end there and I would pick Matt up on my way home, but nope, man night was not over. They headed downtown where they met up with some other friends and continued the fun at a local bar. I headed home after being told he would just take a cab. Unfortunately I woke up at 1am to a phone call of "come get me". lol. Being the good wife that I am, I went and picked him up.....Harley, however chose to stay home and "hold down the fort". He claims it was to keep the house safe, but really it was more like keeping the bed warm. A good time was had by all that night.

We also managed to finally (mostly) complete the baby registry! yay! I have been researching and working on the registry for weeks and weeks. After finally finding out baby clute is a girl, we could finish it up with all the pink little girl stuff. We spent about an hour and a half at Babies R Us on Saturday and I spent about an hour at Target on Sunday with the scanner. We were both pretty drained by the time it was over. And it's still not 100% done. We are a little undecided about the crib, but there is no big rush with that. Since we are using the pack n play for a while, we can scope out a few other stores in San Diego before finally deciding.

We actually set up our new pack n play (thanks Auntie Kathy and Aunt Gail!) this weekend:

love it!

H trying on baby girl's new headband. So tolerant!

We figured this way H would get used to it and the fact that his bed was being relocated to the other side of the room. Phase him in. Plus the rocker is supposed to arrive in May so we need to make room for that too. Very exciting! I like seeing it every day, it reminds me that she will be here so soon and I get really excited.

On Sunday I had a very exciting first: I tried and LIKED Salmon! Who knew??! I am not a big fish eater, and I really don't like Salmon....too fishy for me. But on Sunday I went to a Supply Officer spouses event and there was a professional chef who taught us a few recipes and cooked us lunch. On the menu was a Pecan Crusted Salmon which was amazing! All the food was really good....Chicken Satay, Orzo Pasta, brownies, yum!! Plus I got to hang out with a bunch of wives I haven't seen in a while. And there were a lot of new faces too. It was a fun little gathering that lasted much longer than the designated 2 hours...that's what happens when women get together and start chatting!

And finally, a 22 week bump update. This dress isn't very form fitting, so the baby bump looks a little smaller than it is, but it works.

Mr H relaxing by the fire. Tough life.

p.s. I am now feeling baby girl move every day! She is pretty active in the morning right when I wake up, and again after I get to work. She is actually kicking me right now. It feels like she is punching me from the inside. Sometimes they are little taps and sometimes they are big ones. Last night when I was sitting on the couch after dinner she must have put her whole body into it because she hit me so hard I was startled. LOL. I absolutely love it. It's a little reminder that she is doing ok in there. And Matt is loving it too. He can put his hand on my belly and feel her kick. She loves to kick and wiggle around after Matt puts lotion on my belly. It's our little night time family bonding. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

day of silence

Today is the Day of SilenceIt is a day of action in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. In support of that, I am posting the NoH8 photos my cousin Gavin and I had taken. The NoH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. We had these photos taken in support of the organization and gay rights. It's all about love, not hate. It was a great experience and the photos turned out fabulous!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's a GIRL!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today and found out baby Clute is a girl!!! The votes were split 50/50 so half of you were right. We honestly didn't prefer one sex over the other. I know most parents say that, but it's true. I was more concerned about her health and if she had two arms and two legs! Paranoia setting in early. Luckily everything looks great. They took a bunch of measurements and she is within range, so I guess that means no change to the due date, even though she is on the smaller side. We got to see her heart and the four chambers pumping away. It was amazing! We also saw her kidneys and her bladder, her beautiful spine and her brain. The tech also measured her femur and it was pretty big! Within range, but on the bigger side. I think we may have a runner in the family. She was wiggling around a bit and opening and closing her mouth a lot. She was also a little camera shy (hard to believe seeing as she is my child), and was being quite modest when we were looking for her lady parts. And about half way through the appointment she turned on her side away from us. I think she was sick and tired of being poked and prodded.

I also found out I have a posterior placenta, meaning the placenta is placed in the back, which pushes baby forward. I should be able to feel her move around a lot! She is still under a pound, so I don't feel too much yet, but as she grows she will be kicking me like crazy! :)
Here she is!
curled up little cutie

And here is a picture of me, at 20 weeks:
I'm wearing my new maternity pants too! :)
My cute new shirt my friend gave could not be more perfect.
 It says "2nd. The first one has a leash".

We are so excited to add a little girl to our family. I know H is going to be super happy to have a little sister to love on and protect. And I know she will have Matt wrapped around her little finger the moment she enters this world (if it hasn't happened already). Daddy's little girl.

Here is a little prego questionnaire that my friend Kim at a little bit of this let me borrow:

When is your due date?
Estimated, 9/1/12....I think she will be fashionably late.
What week are you in?
21! Half way through!
How many pounds have you gained so far?
9lbs, right on track
Do you know the gender of your baby?
A Girl!
Do you have a name picked out?
I think we do, but we aren't telling! It's going to be a surprise!
Is the child being named after someone?
The middle name is selected and has a very special meaning to me.  
Who is going to be with you during delivery?
Hubby for sure, probably Mom too (if she can make it on time!)
Natural or medicated childbirth?
We are going all natural! We are having the baby at a Birthing Center in San Diego. After watching The Business of Being Born, we wanted to stay away from a C section and the hospital environment, so we found a great birthing center. A happy medium between a home birth and a hospital. And while I am not opposed to an epidural, they don't offer them so I guess I am sol.
How are you feeling right about now?
I am feeling really great. The baby is growing and moving around and everything is going smooth. I am really enjoying being pregnant! 
What was the first thing you bought for baby?
Matt brought home a precious elephant statue he picked up in Thailand when he was on deployment. We also got a stuffed koala bear on our trip to Australia and New Zealand. :)
Do you feel you are ready to have a baby?
Yes and No. We have thought about and planned for her for a long time, but I don't know if you are ever 100% ready. Sometimes I start thinking about what we will miss out on, but know that we lived our lives and experienced a lot before we decided to get pregnant.
Are you excited or scared about delivery?
Right now, more scared. The "how is this baby going to get out me?" scares me. But I am excited to be able to see what she looks like and to hold her.
Any food cravings?
pastries, croissants, donuts, etc. yum!
Anything you loved before that you absolutely cannot eat anymore?
I am not the biggest fan of fruits and veggies anymore, and I wish I was. I try to add them in when I can, but for some reason baby girl wants carbs!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

weekend recap: a concert, a movie, and maternity clothes!!

Friday night was date night #1 for us. We got some tickets to The Zac Brown Band concert a few weeks ago, pretty good seats too, and were super excited to see them. We made sure to bundle up this time. Long sleeved shirts, coats, and gloves. We were freezing by the end of the Lady A concert a few weeks ago, and we did not want to repeat that. This time around we also had to add in water resistant gear. The weather was sketchy and they were calling for rain during the concert (boo). We arrived right on time and enjoyed a few beverages in the parking for Matt and oh so exciting water for me. We got to our seats just in time to say hello to some friends before the concert began. Once they started we were on our feet and having a blast. Zac Brown is amazing live. They sounded just like the radio (which is hard to do for most artists) and they had a ton of jam sessions throughout the show. Everyone in the band is awesome! I was mesmerized by the violin player. And baby Clute loved the show too. I felt movement and wiggles the entire time so I think our little one is going to be very musical, just like Daddy. :) We got rained on a little bit during the show, but it just added to the experience. And since the rain didn't last very long, it was much more tolerable. Overall: terrific show! If you get the chance, and you like country music, go see them!

Saturday was a very productive day. I got up and went to bootcamp, even though it was windy and cold outside. Then I was off to breakfast at Hash House with my cousin Gavin, while Matt went and got a massage. We met back up at home where I spent some time on the sofa recovering from my food coma. Waffles, sausage and eggs. yum! Then we were off to the mall. My fabulous hubby actually agreed to go to the mall with me even though he knew it was going to involve watching me try on clothes. We hit up Motherhood in UTC so I could finally purchase some much needed maternity clothes. I was mostly in need of pants, jeans and work, but ended up with much more. It was a good shopping trip. One of those you think about with a smile for hours later.....ladies you know what I'm talking about. I ended up with jeans, work pants, a work skirt, a dress for the baby shower, and a few shirts. Very successful. I won't need to go back anytime soon unless I need new bras or a bathing suit. I am just so happy I finally have pants that fit!! The small joys in life.

We ended our Saturday night with a trip to the movies, date night #2. I had been dying to see The Hunger Games and we were finally able to squeeze it in. I thought the movie was great! Matt didn't see what the big fuss was all about, but he never read the books. Obviously the books are better, but that's pretty typical. I think they did a great job of including what they could in the movie, and what they left out wasn't that critical to the series. If you haven't already read the books, what are you waiting for? I know they were written for teenagers, but they are so addicting, easy to read, interesting books.

Sunday was my turn for a little R&R. I got my first prenatal massage (thank you groupon!) and it was very nice. I got to cuddle a body pillow and zone out for an hour. Then it was off to get a much needed pedicure. I asked Matt if he wanted to go with me but he declined. So it was me and my book and a footsie massage. A pretty good way to end the weekend if you ask me. :)

And while I was super bummed our weekend was over, it was exciting to know that in a few short days we would know if baby Clute was a boy or a girl! I think it will make it so much more real. We will be able to imagine our daughter or son. :) I will be back on Thursday to post some ultrasound pictures revealing team pink or team blue! Stay tuned!

Friday, April 13, 2012

an unwanted houseguest

A special Friday the 13th edition....the ghost!

I am not a superstitious person, but I am a big fat scaredy cat. Big time. I don't know if I watched one too many Chucky movies as a child and I am now scarred for life, or if I am just a whimp in general. I do not, under any circumstances watch scary movies. Or commercials for that matter. When the commercials come on, I fast forward (if possible) or cover my eyes and ears so I don't have to see or hear anything. They give me nightmares. I cried during Cloverfield as my Grandma sat there, in shock, that I was actually terrified of the movie. I should also note that until the age of 12....well actually even still today a little.....I was terrified of the dark.

So with that confession complete, it is my pleasure to tell you that we have a ghost at our house. Teasing me. Giving me the eebie jeebies. Being creepy in general....but only when Matt is gone! It seems like every time Matt leaves for an underway the ghost comes to visit. It loves to turn on Matt's light to creep me out. I should mention that the lamp is one of those touch lamps, not a turn on a switch one (which would be even more scary!).

THE lamp.

Matt went on his first underway Monday - Thursday of this week. It was the first time the ship had been out since they came back from deployment, so it was just me and H all week. On Monday when I got home I went upstairs to shower and BAM Matt's bedside lamp was on. I said hello to the ghost, turned off the light and went on with my evening. On Tuesday when I got home nothing was on. I changed and left for bootcamp. When I returned an hour or so later, the light was on again. So now the ghost is trying to be funny. Wednesday, get home, no lights are turned on. Harley and I go about our normal evening activities, dinner, TV, the usual. We go upstairs around 9:30pm and what do you know....the light is on! That is when the eebie jeebies set in. I got that chill down my spine, which reminded me of The Sixth Sense, which just made me think there was DEFINITELY a ghost in the house. I managed to go to sleep, eventually, but was then rudely awakened by the light being on at 5am!!! WTH?? Not cool ghost, not cool. It was bad enough being haunted during the day, but the middle of the night, not fun. Needless to say it was much harder to go back to sleep after that. I was definitely ready for Matt to be back.

When Matt got home I couldn't wait to tell him all about the ghost haunting me while he had been away. He listened politely, gave me a look, and then some lame scientific reason why the lamp goes on by itself. bleh. Explain this: why does the lamp go on by itself only when he is gone? HMMmmm??! Ghost. I win. Well, the ghost is probably the only real winner here.

So, good ghost? Bad ghost? My cousin thinks it's a friendly ghost who is just letting me know he is there. He means no harm. I tend to agree. My theory is he is my Papa who is just keeping me company while Matt is away.  Maybe when Matt comes back he heads over to Sara's house or Grandma's house and visits them for a bit. It makes me feel better when I think I know the ghost, much better than a former resident of our house visiting me at random times. No thanks. 

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

having a bad day? check this website!

If you have ever been pregnant, known a pregnant woman, or are a woman yourself, I am sure you can relate to this. We are passionate, emotional creatures and those things only increase during pregnancy. I know Matt will 100% agree that this happens to him whenever we disagree....

Fighting with my husband

p.s. if you are not already obsessed with this website, you should be. I check it daily and it always makes me laugh!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

weekend recap: first baby gear purchase

This last weekend was one of the first weekends Matt has been home the entire time. Between duty days and inspections, he has spent a lot of time on the ship. And even though we didn't have any big Easter plans, it was still a relaxing weekend, just the two of us. He had to work late on Friday so I decided to make him a special treat....almond croissants. I think the last time I made them was Easter 2011, so it was long overdue. They are fairly easy to make, but very time consuming. I started them on Friday night and finished them Saturday morning. Matt was super excited. He says it's one of the best things I make. I will take it! :) I also made dinner that night, which is a rare treat since Matt typically does most of the cooking.

We started our Saturday at the grocery store. It had to be done and we needed to check out the stroller prices on base. We made it out of there in less than an hour, just in time for me to take Harley to his annual vet appointment. After waiting for over 30 minutes, which already annoyed me, we then ended up with the vet I hate. The first time we ever had this guy he recommended pulling a few of Harley's teeth....and what do you know, he brought it up again this time. I let him blab away until the tech came in with the $1k quote. I took that moment to go off on why I don't trust this vet, that the other vets on site never said anything about his teeth before, and that basically the guy is smoking crack (I literally said "I'm pretty sure he is smoking crack"). She politely listened to me, sorta defended him (she didn't want to get fired), then proceeded to ask "if this was your child, and they needed it done, would you do it?" Um so you are not only calling me a cheapskate but a bad Mom as well?? Oh hell no. I asked for a second opinion from the head vet on site, and what do you know, that guy didn't think anything needed to be done. And all of a sudden this teeth pulling became a preventative recommendation. Hmm. And by the end of the appointment H was having none of it as well. He was beyond pissed with everyone poking and prodding him, and got super annoyed when they had to take his blood. Thankfully we won't be going back again.

After that traumatizing experience, for H and myself, we headed off to the beach for some much needed relaxation. There were a few other dogs there and H had a blast playing with them and splashing in the water. He was not happy about the bath Daddy had to give him when we got back, but it is the price you pay for fun.

it looked a little something like this....
For Easter Sunday we slept in, enjoyed family cuddles in bed, then a nice homemade breakfast. Almond croissants, eggs, and sausage. YUM! Then we were off to buy some baby gear! First stop: REI! After comparing prices with the base, it was actually cheaper to but the stroller at REI. We had a 20% off coupon and a rebate from Matt's membership. Score! Here is our BOB Revolution SE:

And after getting home with our new purchase, I decided we needed to test it out. And what do you know, we have a 30lb dog that would fit perfectly. hehe.

H was not having it, not even for half a second.

Poor H had a rough weekend. Even though he didn't love being in the stroller, he didn't mind walking next to it, which is very important. One of the reasons we got this stroller is so we can go outside for walks, runs, and hikes. It's an all terrain stroller with great suspension. It turns on a dime and is really easy to fold up and put in the car. For active families, I highly recommend it....and I haven't even used it yet!

We also attempted to do some maternity clothes shopping, but unfortunately the mall was closed. Lame. So we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening hanging out at home by the fire.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

baby bump week 18

It's time for another baby Clute update!

The belly is growing like a weed now and I am quickly running out of things to wear. I actually attempted to go shopping for maternity pants last weekend, only to end up crying over the prices and the unflattering styles (pregnancy hormones, gotta love em'!). I am off to another store this weekend that will hopefully be more reasonably priced (fingers crossed). And I ordered two cute dresses from Target which I should be getting any day! They had some great choices online and you can't beat their return policy. But until then I am making due with the belly band and leggings. I wish I could wear sweats every day, that would be the best!

So far, the second trimester really is the best. I feel great and have my mostly normal appetite back. I am not the biggest fan of fruit, I would definitely prefer a pastry, but I make sure to eat them anyways. Lunch is probably the hardest meal since all I really want is a big juicy turkey sandwich! haha. And for dinner, as long as there is rice or quinoa or pasta, I am a happy camper. I am currently addicted to honey nut cheerios and make sure to save room for a bowl as my after dinner sweet snack. So delicious! Other than that, no real crazy cravings. Matt is waiting for me to make a random, off the wall request....pickles and ice cream? bleh. French fries and ice cream = yum! haha.

Here is a week 18 belly shot of me.....

it is getting so big!

my view

And one of Matt at 18 weeks.....

In two short weeks we will find out the sex! Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

exercising & pregnancy

The other day I stumbled upon the website Fitness for Two, and found the most adorable workout shirts for Mommies to be. I quickly ordered myself a black tank top....

it says "toning for two". love it!
It is comfortable and great to work out in. I can't wait for them to restock so I can order myself a "sweating for two" in pink. I can wear it throughout my pregnancy without worrying about my belly popping out or my shirts being too tight. Plus the ruching on the sides is very falttering.

As most of you know, or have quickly figured out, I have been able to continue my regular exercise routine so far. Of course I have made modifications when needed, like no more jumping (it makes me really nervous), no rolling around on my belly, and listening to my body more. My trainer is aware that I am expecting and cuts me some slack (thankfully). But since I have been doing my boot camp style workouts for almost two years, when I got pregnant I continued them. I was told that if I was doing it before, I could continue during my pregnancy, as long as I was low risk and was not experiencing any pain. So I have. And every month I am surprised that I can still participate in the classes. And when the day comes when my belly is just too big or I don't feel up to the classes, I will walk, or cycle, or yoga. I should start the yoga now, but I have never been a big yoga fan. Too boring. haha.

Personally, I think it is important for a pregnant woman to get plenty of exercise, for her health (and sanity) and the baby's. My motto is: what's good for Mom is good for baby. Unfortunately I recently read in a pregnancy book a friend gave me, The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, that exercise and pregnancy don't mix. I was seriously appalled. Shocked. Angered. So pissed that I have decided to blog about it and discuss the eight reasons listed in the book for not exercising.

1. You will be too tired - while the first trimester tiredness did affect me, it did not hit me as hard as it does other people. I can definitely understand why some women would be too tired to do anything, and sometimes you just need to rest. But for me, I found that exercising gave me energy and I actually felt less tired throughout the day. Same with caffeine, when I stopped drinking it in the morning, I wasn't nearly as tired during the day. Who knew? My conclusion: this could be a valid reason, but don't use it as an excuse during your entire pregnancy to do nothing. You may find that working out actually makes you less tired!

2. You will not look good in leotard - this is not a good reason to quit exercising. Buy other pants or shorts, or wear a longer shirt. Go for a walk outside if you hate the gym. It's not a beauty contest. I don't wear makeup to the gym because I'm there to workout, not impress people. You are pregnant and beautiful and who cares what someone else thinks.

3. You will get fat anyways - seriously?? So because I am going to gain weight regardless, I should just stop exercising and eat?! Pregnant or not, this is a piss poor excuse. Shame on the book for even putting it in there. Shame. You are exercising for your health and the baby's, NOT to lose weight!

4. Exercise will not help you in labor and delivery in any way - Now, I am not a doctor, and I have never had a baby before, but it still seems a little wrong. I googled and found plenty of articles on various pregnancy sites praising exercise and how it helps during childbirth. I imagine that the endurance you build up when you exercise could come in handy during a long labor. I have been told yoga and pilates is great for stretching and relaxing the muscles. Since this book was written in 1995, I have decided to let this slide without too much of an argument. Perhaps it is just out of date.

5. You might endanger the pregnancy - as long as you aren't trying to run your first marathon the minute you find out you're pregnant, or working out until you are blue in the face, I disagree. If you happen to workout and see spotting, yes, take it easy and always clear it with your doctor first. And while this author used only her own experience to make her argument, I still think it is in poor taste. Putting it in a book, which a lot of first time Moms will read and use as a guide of what to do, is not a good idea. This is not backed up by any scientific evidence and it annoys me that it is even in the book.

6. Even if you don't endager the pregnancy, if something (God forbid) goes wrong, you will forever wonder if your exercising caused it - this I can (unfortunately) somewhat agree with. If something were to happen to my baby, I would definitely wonder if the exercising caused it. However, I would also wonder if it could have been caused by the bath I took before I knew I was pregnant, or that lunch meat I ate (even though it was heated up), or maybe it was the feta cheese in that salad that one time, or the cesar salad dressing the other night. Seriously, you could blame a million things. One of them may be the cause, or it could be something with the baby or your body, there is no way to tell. If you are really concerned, talk to your doctor or wait until the first trimester is over. But don't use it as an excuse to do nothing! Get some fresh air and go for a walk.....go for a swim. But don't huddle up inside the house afraid to move because of all the what if's.

7. It's "nine months up and nine months down" in the weight gain department no matter what you do - again, I am not exercising to lose weight. I am exercising to be healthy. I am not weighing myself every single day and crying over every pound gained. I like the way working out makes me feel, regardless of the number on the scale. You shouldn't just give up and do nothing because this book says it won't make a difference.

8. Our compulsion to exercise when we are pregnant is a reflection of our inability to surrender and let nature run its course - I don't know, maybe she is right on this one? Maybe I am trying to maintain my "pre baby" life in some way? Control the situation when possible? Maybe, but at the end of the day, read #7.....I like how it makes me feel. I sleep better, I eat better, I have more energy, I am less tired. I think exercising and maintaining my "normal" routine has allowed me to enjoy a smooth pregnancy so far (knock on wood). Or maybe I just got lucky? Who knows.

I know that people have different views on exercising while pregnant and I can respect that. I didn't start a debate with my cousin when she told me not to exercise at all, and I am sure others have kept their mouth shut when they heard I am still working out like I was before. What bothers me is that new Moms will purchase, read and possibly listen this book. Eeek. Plus, if this is the kind of advice this author gives, it really makes me question the rest of the information in the book. Will I finish the book? Yes, if only because it might provide another good blogging topic.

Rant over. Happy Tuesday everyone!