Thursday, April 5, 2012

baby bump week 18

It's time for another baby Clute update!

The belly is growing like a weed now and I am quickly running out of things to wear. I actually attempted to go shopping for maternity pants last weekend, only to end up crying over the prices and the unflattering styles (pregnancy hormones, gotta love em'!). I am off to another store this weekend that will hopefully be more reasonably priced (fingers crossed). And I ordered two cute dresses from Target which I should be getting any day! They had some great choices online and you can't beat their return policy. But until then I am making due with the belly band and leggings. I wish I could wear sweats every day, that would be the best!

So far, the second trimester really is the best. I feel great and have my mostly normal appetite back. I am not the biggest fan of fruit, I would definitely prefer a pastry, but I make sure to eat them anyways. Lunch is probably the hardest meal since all I really want is a big juicy turkey sandwich! haha. And for dinner, as long as there is rice or quinoa or pasta, I am a happy camper. I am currently addicted to honey nut cheerios and make sure to save room for a bowl as my after dinner sweet snack. So delicious! Other than that, no real crazy cravings. Matt is waiting for me to make a random, off the wall request....pickles and ice cream? bleh. French fries and ice cream = yum! haha.

Here is a week 18 belly shot of me.....

it is getting so big!

my view

And one of Matt at 18 weeks.....

In two short weeks we will find out the sex! Stay tuned! :)

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Meredith said...

Love the updated photos and the 'my view'!!! So cute!! Can't wait to see you, baby, C!