Monday, April 30, 2012

playing catch up

After posting the day of silence photos it looks like I took a little week of silence for myself. Mini blog vaca I guess. Well I am back, but just for today. Tomorrow Matt and I leave for a real mini vaca. We are heading north to check out Monterey, SF and then home to the valley to see family and friends. We are super excited and just want today to end so we can start our little road trip! In the meantime, how about a little recap of what we have been up to and a new bump photo?!!

Last weekend we had fun with some friends and also worked on some baby stuff. Friday night we went to our first baseball game of the season. Two prego ladies and four navy guys. It was really fun and quite delicious....double twisted churro!! :) I was in heaven! Even though the Padres lost we still got to enjoy the lovely fireworks show after the game. Baby girl loved it too, she was wiggling all around during the show. And Saturday night was another friend filled evening. I went out with some girls for a lovely dinner at Urban Cafe downtown.

girls night out :)

And since Matt didn't want to be left at home by himself he set up a "man night". The boys got together for drinks at Mr. A's and then dinner at Cucina Urbana in Hillcrest. I thought their night would end there and I would pick Matt up on my way home, but nope, man night was not over. They headed downtown where they met up with some other friends and continued the fun at a local bar. I headed home after being told he would just take a cab. Unfortunately I woke up at 1am to a phone call of "come get me". lol. Being the good wife that I am, I went and picked him up.....Harley, however chose to stay home and "hold down the fort". He claims it was to keep the house safe, but really it was more like keeping the bed warm. A good time was had by all that night.

We also managed to finally (mostly) complete the baby registry! yay! I have been researching and working on the registry for weeks and weeks. After finally finding out baby clute is a girl, we could finish it up with all the pink little girl stuff. We spent about an hour and a half at Babies R Us on Saturday and I spent about an hour at Target on Sunday with the scanner. We were both pretty drained by the time it was over. And it's still not 100% done. We are a little undecided about the crib, but there is no big rush with that. Since we are using the pack n play for a while, we can scope out a few other stores in San Diego before finally deciding.

We actually set up our new pack n play (thanks Auntie Kathy and Aunt Gail!) this weekend:

love it!

H trying on baby girl's new headband. So tolerant!

We figured this way H would get used to it and the fact that his bed was being relocated to the other side of the room. Phase him in. Plus the rocker is supposed to arrive in May so we need to make room for that too. Very exciting! I like seeing it every day, it reminds me that she will be here so soon and I get really excited.

On Sunday I had a very exciting first: I tried and LIKED Salmon! Who knew??! I am not a big fish eater, and I really don't like Salmon....too fishy for me. But on Sunday I went to a Supply Officer spouses event and there was a professional chef who taught us a few recipes and cooked us lunch. On the menu was a Pecan Crusted Salmon which was amazing! All the food was really good....Chicken Satay, Orzo Pasta, brownies, yum!! Plus I got to hang out with a bunch of wives I haven't seen in a while. And there were a lot of new faces too. It was a fun little gathering that lasted much longer than the designated 2 hours...that's what happens when women get together and start chatting!

And finally, a 22 week bump update. This dress isn't very form fitting, so the baby bump looks a little smaller than it is, but it works.

Mr H relaxing by the fire. Tough life.

p.s. I am now feeling baby girl move every day! She is pretty active in the morning right when I wake up, and again after I get to work. She is actually kicking me right now. It feels like she is punching me from the inside. Sometimes they are little taps and sometimes they are big ones. Last night when I was sitting on the couch after dinner she must have put her whole body into it because she hit me so hard I was startled. LOL. I absolutely love it. It's a little reminder that she is doing ok in there. And Matt is loving it too. He can put his hand on my belly and feel her kick. She loves to kick and wiggle around after Matt puts lotion on my belly. It's our little night time family bonding. :)

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Samantha said...

You look so cute with your perfect little bump!! I just can't handle it. :)