Friday, April 13, 2012

an unwanted houseguest

A special Friday the 13th edition....the ghost!

I am not a superstitious person, but I am a big fat scaredy cat. Big time. I don't know if I watched one too many Chucky movies as a child and I am now scarred for life, or if I am just a whimp in general. I do not, under any circumstances watch scary movies. Or commercials for that matter. When the commercials come on, I fast forward (if possible) or cover my eyes and ears so I don't have to see or hear anything. They give me nightmares. I cried during Cloverfield as my Grandma sat there, in shock, that I was actually terrified of the movie. I should also note that until the age of 12....well actually even still today a little.....I was terrified of the dark.

So with that confession complete, it is my pleasure to tell you that we have a ghost at our house. Teasing me. Giving me the eebie jeebies. Being creepy in general....but only when Matt is gone! It seems like every time Matt leaves for an underway the ghost comes to visit. It loves to turn on Matt's light to creep me out. I should mention that the lamp is one of those touch lamps, not a turn on a switch one (which would be even more scary!).

THE lamp.

Matt went on his first underway Monday - Thursday of this week. It was the first time the ship had been out since they came back from deployment, so it was just me and H all week. On Monday when I got home I went upstairs to shower and BAM Matt's bedside lamp was on. I said hello to the ghost, turned off the light and went on with my evening. On Tuesday when I got home nothing was on. I changed and left for bootcamp. When I returned an hour or so later, the light was on again. So now the ghost is trying to be funny. Wednesday, get home, no lights are turned on. Harley and I go about our normal evening activities, dinner, TV, the usual. We go upstairs around 9:30pm and what do you know....the light is on! That is when the eebie jeebies set in. I got that chill down my spine, which reminded me of The Sixth Sense, which just made me think there was DEFINITELY a ghost in the house. I managed to go to sleep, eventually, but was then rudely awakened by the light being on at 5am!!! WTH?? Not cool ghost, not cool. It was bad enough being haunted during the day, but the middle of the night, not fun. Needless to say it was much harder to go back to sleep after that. I was definitely ready for Matt to be back.

When Matt got home I couldn't wait to tell him all about the ghost haunting me while he had been away. He listened politely, gave me a look, and then some lame scientific reason why the lamp goes on by itself. bleh. Explain this: why does the lamp go on by itself only when he is gone? HMMmmm??! Ghost. I win. Well, the ghost is probably the only real winner here.

So, good ghost? Bad ghost? My cousin thinks it's a friendly ghost who is just letting me know he is there. He means no harm. I tend to agree. My theory is he is my Papa who is just keeping me company while Matt is away.  Maybe when Matt comes back he heads over to Sara's house or Grandma's house and visits them for a bit. It makes me feel better when I think I know the ghost, much better than a former resident of our house visiting me at random times. No thanks. 

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


BigBrY said...

Buy a lamp with a pull string or a turn nob and see if it turns on? Maybe unplug it then see if it turns on.... :)"

The Little Bit said...

That is super creepy. I'm easily spooked by stuff like that, so I'm glad you could put a positive spin on it! I'm sure if there's a ghost, it's someone nice!