Tuesday, April 17, 2012

weekend recap: a concert, a movie, and maternity clothes!!

Friday night was date night #1 for us. We got some tickets to The Zac Brown Band concert a few weeks ago, pretty good seats too, and were super excited to see them. We made sure to bundle up this time. Long sleeved shirts, coats, and gloves. We were freezing by the end of the Lady A concert a few weeks ago, and we did not want to repeat that. This time around we also had to add in water resistant gear. The weather was sketchy and they were calling for rain during the concert (boo). We arrived right on time and enjoyed a few beverages in the parking lot....beer for Matt and oh so exciting water for me. We got to our seats just in time to say hello to some friends before the concert began. Once they started we were on our feet and having a blast. Zac Brown is amazing live. They sounded just like the radio (which is hard to do for most artists) and they had a ton of jam sessions throughout the show. Everyone in the band is awesome! I was mesmerized by the violin player. And baby Clute loved the show too. I felt movement and wiggles the entire time so I think our little one is going to be very musical, just like Daddy. :) We got rained on a little bit during the show, but it just added to the experience. And since the rain didn't last very long, it was much more tolerable. Overall: terrific show! If you get the chance, and you like country music, go see them!

Saturday was a very productive day. I got up and went to bootcamp, even though it was windy and cold outside. Then I was off to breakfast at Hash House with my cousin Gavin, while Matt went and got a massage. We met back up at home where I spent some time on the sofa recovering from my food coma. Waffles, sausage and eggs. yum! Then we were off to the mall. My fabulous hubby actually agreed to go to the mall with me even though he knew it was going to involve watching me try on clothes. We hit up Motherhood in UTC so I could finally purchase some much needed maternity clothes. I was mostly in need of pants, jeans and work, but ended up with much more. It was a good shopping trip. One of those you think about with a smile for hours later.....ladies you know what I'm talking about. I ended up with jeans, work pants, a work skirt, a dress for the baby shower, and a few shirts. Very successful. I won't need to go back anytime soon unless I need new bras or a bathing suit. I am just so happy I finally have pants that fit!! The small joys in life.

We ended our Saturday night with a trip to the movies, date night #2. I had been dying to see The Hunger Games and we were finally able to squeeze it in. I thought the movie was great! Matt didn't see what the big fuss was all about, but he never read the books. Obviously the books are better, but that's pretty typical. I think they did a great job of including what they could in the movie, and what they left out wasn't that critical to the series. If you haven't already read the books, what are you waiting for? I know they were written for teenagers, but they are so addicting, easy to read, interesting books.

Sunday was my turn for a little R&R. I got my first prenatal massage (thank you groupon!) and it was very nice. I got to cuddle a body pillow and zone out for an hour. Then it was off to get a much needed pedicure. I asked Matt if he wanted to go with me but he declined. So it was me and my book and a footsie massage. A pretty good way to end the weekend if you ask me. :)

And while I was super bummed our weekend was over, it was exciting to know that in a few short days we would know if baby Clute was a boy or a girl! I think it will make it so much more real. We will be able to imagine our daughter or son. :) I will be back on Thursday to post some ultrasound pictures revealing team pink or team blue! Stay tuned!

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