Thursday, May 31, 2012

beachy bump photo: week 26

This last weekend was Memorial Day and boy was it gorgeous outside! All weekend long nothing but sunshine and clear skies. We took full advantage of this great weather and spent some time at the beach. Saturday we took Harley to dog beach and he had a blast! We walked the beach while he played with all the dogs. He eventually met up with an adorable little puppy and they played non stop until it was time to leave. He was exhausted and happy.

Sunday our friends Jessica and Joe drove down and spent the afternoon with us. First up: Hodads! It was Joe's idea and worth the wait in line. The burgers and onions rings were awesome! After all that food we were stuffed and ready for some relaxation, so we headed to the beach. We went to Matt's favorite little spot near Sunset Cliffs. It's a bit of a climb down, but it isn't crowded and we never have to fight for parking. We spent the next 2 hours laying around, reading, and playing a few beach games. 

26 week beach bump photo

 After the cops showed up and tried to bust people for drinking on the beach (luckily they didn't check our cooler), we decided it was time to go. I was the only one sitting by the cooler at the time, can you imagine them giving a pregnant lady a ticket? lol. Would have been pretty funny! After a quick change and goodbye hugs for Jess and Joe, Matt and I were off to Anthology for date night. We got tickets to see George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. I didn't really know anything about them, but was game for anything Matt wanted to go see. We got to the venue early, had dinner and drinks and then enjoyed the show. They were really awesome. And the crowd was having a blast! People were up near the stage and dancing in the aisles. Everyone was having a great time, baby girl included. I could feel her wiggling and moving around the entire time. Hopefully it wasn't too loud in there for her, hopefully she was just enjoying the beat.

pre concert 26 week clothed photo :)

Monday was the holiday, but instead of a lazy family day, Matt had to go into work. Someone has to work on a holiday right? It was a bummer, but I managed to keep myself busy all day. I started out the day at the gym, testing my fitness level. I rode the exercise bike and walked on the treadmill with no issues! yay! Then I took Harley to dog beach where he quickly found an big lab to chase around. The lab would go after the ball and Harley would chase after the lab. It worked out great. And since the tide was out Harley got to practice his swimming skills. One minute he was frolicking through the water, the next, under it trying to swim out. It was very entertaining and good exercise for him. He did great and I didn't have to run in after him at all! He was so tired afterwards that I let him stay inside while I ran a few errands. I think he really appreciated that. And since Matt was leaving for an underway on Tuesday I brought him dinner on the ship and hung out there for a bit. Meatloaf and green beans....yum! And as we were hugging goodbye baby girl gave Daddy a little kick in the gut. She was going to miss Daddy too. So cute!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pregnancy brain is real!

If you can't laugh at yourself, life is just no fun. As my wonderful hubby always says "if it weren't for people like you, life would be so boring." Apparently I provide a lot of entertainment, especially lately. Pregnancy brain is a real thing and it has taken over! I suffer from memory loss all the time, and I can now add poor spelling to the list. I never thought spelling errors would be a symptom of pregnancy brain, but the proof is in the pudding frame.

I put together this cute little frame over the weekend. The top photo is In cahoots, the place we met. The middle photo is the cruise ship, where we got engaged. The bottom photo is the Ceresville Mansion, where we got married. I went to Michael's and got glittery stickers to spell out the words....and lucky for me they are only stickers and not pen! Take note of my amazing spelling skills.

Hopefully this little gem added a smile to your Tuesday. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

throwing in the bootcamp towel :(

Selecting a doctor and a place to have your baby is a very big decision. Matt and I knew we wanted to stay away from the Navy hospital if at all possible (super high C Section rate). After some research and recommendations from friends we looked into Best Start Birth Center. We wanted a natural, intervention free (unless medically necessary), birth. A place that has a homey feel and maybe even a tub to labor in. Best Start had all of that, plus a very nice staff. After switching over our medical coverage we began the prenatal care with Best Start. All the appointments have been wonderful, easy, and complication free. We meet with a midwife each time, hear the baby's heartbeat, and I get answers to all my random questions. They also have a midwife on call 24 hours a day in case you go into labor or have a issue. Until Tuesday, I had never used that number.

After work I went about my normal routine: boot camp. It was actually a fairly low key workout day. A little cardio, but mostly using the bands to work our muscles. Everything I had done in the past and thought I should have no issue with. Well at some point I must have over extended myself because I think I ended up pulling a ligament muscle in the lower part of my belly. I didn't feel it right away, but a tingling/cramping sensation started up right at the end of class. I didn't think much of it, until 30 minutes later when it wouldn't go away. It was also accompanied by an occasional sharp pain that was making me really nervous. Plus it was just me and H at home....Matt was out to sea for the week. And if H could sense something was up, he must have thought the remedy was petting about demanding! I tried to tell him Mommy needed to rest and petting him was not the solution to my pain but he did not listen. Maybe he thought it would distract me. He was wrong. After an hour or so I was convinced it was Braxton Hicks contractions or worse.

I decided to call the midwife, and am so glad I did. She was awesome. She asked me a ton of questions, had me count the baby's movements and then take a bath. She was hoping the bath would help with the pain but it didn't. Based on what I was describing and my symptoms she didn't think it was anything hospital-worthy, but did tell me that if I wanted to go, she would meet me there. She recommended taking a few Tylenol and resting more, but to call if I needed anything. After taking the Tylenol and laying on the couch for an hour I felt a lot better. And by the time I woke up the next morning I felt a million times better. No more cramp type feeling, no more sharp pain. Thank God! She even called the next day to check on me and make sure I was feeling ok. You really don't get that kind of personal care these days. I am so happy we choose Best Start. The care they provide is wonderful and I am so thankful I am able to call if anything goes wrong. For a first time Mom to be, that is very reassuring.

So, as you can guess, I am going to be cutting back on my exercise. I wish I could continue, but I knew the day was fast approaching when I would have to hang up my bootcamp gear. I wish I could keep up with it, but my body is telling me to slow down, so I have to listen. After my ligaments feel better I hope to do some prenatal yoga and maybe ride the exercise bike, and of course take walks. And Mr H will be my new walking partner! I decided to go for a little walk yesterday since I was bored and feeling better. I asked Harley if he wanted to go, put his leash on him, and got this response:

In full lean mode, refusing to get off the couch.

I ended up having to drag him off the couch and pull him outside. I also decided we should take the stroller out with us so he could get used to walking next to it. I'm glad I did too, because maneuvering the stroller and walking the dog took some getting used to. About 10 minutes in, just as I was starting to get the hang of it, H starts panting like crazy and trying to drag me back home. Someone was ready to throw in the towel and go back to relaxing, but not me. We continued, despite the protests, for about 30 minutes. A nice little walk, where we both got a little exercise and fresh air. I'm sure everyone that passed us was wondering why I was pushing an empty stroller, but practice makes perfect.

Harley was so happy to finally get home!

He immediately collapsed on the floor to cool down. We both slept pretty good that night.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

baby's first race

Sunday was a first for me and a first for baby....we completed a 4 mile race over the Coronado Bridge! Sara and I did this race last year and completed it in 38 minutes (including a stop at the top for pictures). This year it was Matt & I racing together. I told him he could race for time and just meet me at the finish, but being the protective Daddy-to-be that he is, he decided to run the race with me and not care about the time. It was a good idea too because we would be able to get some pictures together!

The day could not have been better, a little cloudy when we arrived, but not too cold. And by the time the race was about to begin the sun was peeking through. We parked the car, checked in, and lined up to start. I decided to rock my awesome 'toning for two' tank so people would know there was a baby on board :)

We weren't too far back, but maneuvering around all the walkers and strollers was a little challenging in the beginning. We maintained a good pace, even kept up the run while going up the bridge! We stopped for pictures a few times while at the top on the bridge....

at the top!
San Diego in the background
the sun in our eyes and Coronado in the background

After getting a few good photos we continued on with the race and finished at 46 minutes. Not too bad considering we spent a lot of time at the top taking photos....oh yea, and I'm 25 weeks pregnant! :)

Here is a 25 week bump photo. Between the black shirt and the race bib, it's really hard to see the bump, but trust me, it's there!!
25 weeks, Downtown SD in the background!

Baby girl did a great job during the race. I think she is used to the exercising and running by now. Maybe it rocks her to sleep? Either that or it annoys her and she can't wait for it to end! By the time we finished I think we were both ready for some relaxation and breakfast! We took the ferry back to the start line and then walked to Broken Yolk to grab some food. Chris and Brandy met us there, so we got to catch up and hang out while stuffing out faces. I don't think I have felt that hungry in a long time. I was ready to eat the containers of jelly while we were waiting for our food to arrive! haha!

After breakfast Matt and I decided to just get the grocery shopping done before heading home. We were already close to the Commissary and figured why not. By the time we got home and showered we both plopped down on the couch and didn't move. I don't think I have been that exhausted in a very very long time. Between the race, the walking, and the pregnancy I was wiped! We spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing, it was perfect. And before going to bed we got to see the solar eclipse from our bedroom window. Luckily the clouds were covering it a bit so we were able to actually look at it and get some photos....

a little spooky but very cool!

Friday, May 18, 2012

we bought a crib!

This last Sunday was Mother's day, and even though I am not officially a Mom yet, Matt made the day (weekend really) special. On Friday I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers at work. I was so surprised! It made me feel very special and loved :). Thanks baby!

On Saturday we did a special dinner out, Thai food. We figured it would be super packed for brunch on Sunday, so we settled on a Saturday date night instead. I couldn't tell you the last time I had Thai food and it was amazing! Oh pineapple fried rice I have missed you.

For Mother's Day we decided to get up, lounge around the house and enjoy a home cooked breakfast, just us. Waffles, eggs and bacon....yum! I think we both went into a food coma after that so it was a little while before we made it out of the house to run a few errands. And since it was Mother's Day I made a special request: going to look at cribs! I had looked online and at Babies R Us and we had somewhat selected a few we liked already. First up was a baby Cache crib that was my favorite. Matt wasn't too fond of the dresser that went with it, he preferred the Sorelle crib/dresser combo. I really liked the look of the Sorelle, but it was pricier, the crib came all the way to the floor (so no toes could fit under it) and the reviews were iffy. I decided we needed to check out a local store, USA Baby, that carried a wider variety. We walked the floor and actually found one we both loved! And somehow Matt talked me into buying it! And a dresser too! It is a Munire Coventry convertible crib in white. I double checked the reviews and ratings in the Baby Bargains book just to make sure we were getting a good crib, and everything checked out, so the purchase was made. It was a big decision but we are excited to have the furniture purchased and ready for her arrival. Here are some pictures:

the top of this dresser will be used as a changing table too!
Since the furniture is going to be all white, I think we should definitely paint the walls, don't you? I knew you would all agree :). Luckily, Matt has already offered to paint the room for baby girl. So sweet. I can't believe she is going to be here in 3.5 months! Time is flying and we are both so excited to meet her. And on that note, she is kicking me like crazy right now. Little wiggle worm.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

first baby clute update: week 24

Week time is flying. In a few weeks I will be in the third trimester! Holy Moly! I am still feeling great, but definitely more pregnant. The belly is growing so much now that I have started to take on a little waddle. haha. The belly is now a great place to rest my hands, a drink, or spill a snack. And my once very deep innie belly button is quickly becoming an outie. Any week now it is going to just pop out! If it doesn't look totally weird and disfigured I will post a picture here. :)

I am still able to exercise regularly, which has helped me keep my balance (yay), but everything is harder. I definitely feel the extra weight when I am running, and I get exhausted easily. Just the other day I got winded after walking up two flights of stairs. So, I just move a little slower now.

I haven't had any strange food cravings lately, but I am trying to eat more fruit instead of what I wish I was eating....pastries. I usually cave at night after dinner and indulge in a delicious bowl of cereal. yum! (just typing this out made me hungry!)

The most exciting change lately is I am now able to feel the baby move every day. I think she is going to be a very active little girl. She usually wakes up and starts to move after meal time, but I also feel her when I am relaxing on the couch watching TV. Just the other day Matt and I were watching my stomach move! You could see the little thumps from the outside. It is so cool! Although sometimes I wonder what she is doing in there. The rolling movements feel weird and I wonder if she is shifting positions or what. Whatever she is up to, I love it, it is very reassuring and wonderful to feel! Definitely the best part of being pregnant!

This week I thought it would be nice to do a little comparison. Week 15 to week 24....

baby girl has definitely done a lot of growing over the last 9 weeks!

H is very excited about baby. I show him my belly sometimes and he snarfles at it. I imagine she can hear him snarfle and snore, so hopefully she will be used to the sounds when she gets here. Here is H saying hello to baby girl....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

vaca recap: baby shower with the family

After our mini vaca and tour of SF we headed to the Modesto area to spend time with the family. It was absolutely gorgeous and warm outside so after the drive we plopped ourselves down by the pool and hung out with the pups. I was worried I would be bored hanging out at home after all the adventure in the city, but it was nice to do nothing. The afternoon went by quickly and before we knew it, it was time for dinner (Mexican yum!) and bed.

Saturday was the day of the shower. We spent the morning hanging around the house and procrastinating and eventually getting dressed. Family and friends started to show up around 1pm and it was time to mingle and catch up.

cake and snacks
mm food.
tapping into the wine
part of the group....and the pile of gifts for baby girl

After everyone arrived we had something to eat from the lovely display of food. Make your own sandwiches, pasta, and fruit. mmm. Then it was time to play some games. First up: tasting baby food! Most of them weren't too bad, banana was my favorite, but the last one (thanks Sara) was awful! Baby girl will never, ever have to eat turkey and gravy baby food! yuck!
mmm baby food

We also played the "how big is the belly?" game and a little trivia about Matt and I. The winners all got prizes and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then it was time to open all the gifts! Everyone was so generous. We got some much needed items like the car seat & breast pump, as well as a ton of adorable little outfits for her.
her first pair of shoes! so cute!
this one is from Auntie Sara.....I was told to put it
on baby girl when hot guys are close by :)

the adorable elephant my Mom made for baby :)

Then it was time for cake! Sara spent all night on Friday baking a fabulous cake for the party. She is super talented and can create some amazing cakes! The cake was safari themed, which is how we plan to decorate baby girl's room. And the inside was almond and raspberry filling! Yum!

The beautiful hostesses and us. love you!
We had a great time and feel very blessed to have so many people who love us. Baby girl is already so loved and spoiled! A big thanks to my Mom and Sara who planned and put the whole thing together. It was a wonderful day and we are so happy we were able to come home and see everyone!

Sunday was our last day in town. Matt got up bright and early and went fishing with the boys. They ended up catching a couple of salmon, so we now have some fish in our freezer. Looks like I will be trying out that salmon recipe I mentioned last week! While Matt was off being a boy, I hung out with the girls. My Mom, Aunt and I went and got pedicures (heaven!), then enjoyed a nice lunch and did a little shopping. It was a nice relaxing end to our trip.

Thanks again family and friends! We love you all and hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

vaca recap: Monterey & SF....and a 23 week bump photo!!

Last week was awesome. Matt and I went on a mini vacation to northern California where we checked out Monterey, San Francisco and then headed to Modesto to visit with family. Because there are so many great pictures of the city and the baby shower, I will break this recap up into two posts. First up: Monterey and SF!

We left for our trip on Tuesday. We had a leisurely morning at home, packed up the car, then hit the road around 8am. No use in leaving any earlier since we would just end up stuck in traffic. The road trip was smooth and fun. We took turns driving, listening to music and just talking. We even took a little detour through the back country on our way to Carmel Valley and Monterey. It was a curvy, windy road with only one lane at times, but it was so beautiful. We arrived in Monterey around 430pm....just in time to check in and relax before going to dinner. We stayed at the wonderful, historic Old Monterey Inn:

We stayed in a room located on the third floor called Rookery. It had a fireplace and sky light and the warm and cozy feel of a home. I wish we could have stayed longer!

our cozy room...messy bed because I forgot to take one when it was all pretty!

the fire we had going every night

After settling in to our room and enjoying the free happy hour downstairs (wine for Matt and sparkling cider for me) we headed out to the wharf. We drove through Cannery Row and along the water, then walked along Fisherman's Wharf. It was absolutely gorgeous out, so we spent some time enjoying the view and watching the seals before eating.

For dinner we went to a nearby Italian restaurant called Cafe Fina. It was really yummy and had a great view of the water. Then we checked out the little shops and had to stop in and grab some candy and coffee on our way back to the Inn.

Fisherman's wharf
We spent the rest of the evening relaxing by the fire and reading. It was perfect.

Wednesday morning we slept in and enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the Inn. They made crepes with a ton of fresh fruit! I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was beautiful and delicious. We spent the rest of the day checking out the city, the nearby town of Seaside, the beaches (lots of sand dunes!) and everything the city had to offer. We had perfect weather too. That night we enjoyed another great meal, this time at a local place called Restaurant 1833. I had lamb and Matt had gnocchi. Both were wonderful, but nothing compared to the s'mores dessert I had! YUM! I was stuffed by the time we made it out of there and ready to relax in our room. We enjoyed a fire, a little tv, and then fell fast asleep.

Since we needed to be in the city by 11am on Thursday, we were unable to enjoy another Inn breakfast. But they did pack us a little breakfast on the go. Muffins, trail mix, fruit and juice. It was a great little touch. We loved everything about this Inn and highly recommend it!

our breakfast bag :)
Our drive from Monterey to San Francisco took about 2.5 hours. Not too shabby. I figured we would definitely hit some traffic but didn't have any issues.We stayed at the Marriott right near Union Square (great location!). After dropping off our stuff and grabbing our umbrella (it was raining, how rude!) we went downstairs to meet up with my Aunt Marlene. At our wedding she offered to give us a tour of the city when we came to visit....2.5 years later we were taking her up on that offer. She picked us up in her car and we were off. First stop: the Golden Gate Bridge.

us and the bridge!


Then we stopped for lunch at the Cliff House:

Saw "The Thinker" sculpture....and another view of the bridge!
contemplating life

And it wouldn't be a visit to San Francisco without driving down Lombard street:
can you spot Matty?
We also drove through the Presidio, Fisherman's Wharf, and Pier 39. All must see SF stops. Before heading back to the hotel we drove across the Bay Bridge and saw Treasure Island. It was actually my first time there too. The Island has great views of the city, but besides the cool 1930's building, it is depressing, low end housing. These pictures came out a little dark, but you can see how great the city looks!

After all that touring fun, we met up with Grandma and Rachel for drinks at the View, a bar on the 39th floor of our hotel.

Then it was finally time for dinner! We took a cab to a local Italian restaurant that was recommended to us by my coworker...Trattoria Contadina. It was so good! Baby Clute sure loves her pasta! And after our wonderful meal we rode the cable car back to Union Square. I hadn't been on a cable car in years and it was Matt's first time. It was a lot of fun!

And finally, on Friday morning, before heading out of town, we stopped to check out the painted ladies....aka the Full House house. :) It was a gorgeous day and the perfect spot for a 23 week baby bump photo!!

baby girl is getting big!
Stay tuned....Tomorrow is all about our time in Modesto and the wonderful baby shower!!!