Tuesday, May 22, 2012

baby's first race

Sunday was a first for me and a first for baby....we completed a 4 mile race over the Coronado Bridge! Sara and I did this race last year and completed it in 38 minutes (including a stop at the top for pictures). This year it was Matt & I racing together. I told him he could race for time and just meet me at the finish, but being the protective Daddy-to-be that he is, he decided to run the race with me and not care about the time. It was a good idea too because we would be able to get some pictures together!

The day could not have been better, a little cloudy when we arrived, but not too cold. And by the time the race was about to begin the sun was peeking through. We parked the car, checked in, and lined up to start. I decided to rock my awesome 'toning for two' tank so people would know there was a baby on board :)

We weren't too far back, but maneuvering around all the walkers and strollers was a little challenging in the beginning. We maintained a good pace, even kept up the run while going up the bridge! We stopped for pictures a few times while at the top on the bridge....

at the top!
San Diego in the background
the sun in our eyes and Coronado in the background

After getting a few good photos we continued on with the race and finished at 46 minutes. Not too bad considering we spent a lot of time at the top taking photos....oh yea, and I'm 25 weeks pregnant! :)

Here is a 25 week bump photo. Between the black shirt and the race bib, it's really hard to see the bump, but trust me, it's there!!
25 weeks, Downtown SD in the background!

Baby girl did a great job during the race. I think she is used to the exercising and running by now. Maybe it rocks her to sleep? Either that or it annoys her and she can't wait for it to end! By the time we finished I think we were both ready for some relaxation and breakfast! We took the ferry back to the start line and then walked to Broken Yolk to grab some food. Chris and Brandy met us there, so we got to catch up and hang out while stuffing out faces. I don't think I have felt that hungry in a long time. I was ready to eat the containers of jelly while we were waiting for our food to arrive! haha!

After breakfast Matt and I decided to just get the grocery shopping done before heading home. We were already close to the Commissary and figured why not. By the time we got home and showered we both plopped down on the couch and didn't move. I don't think I have been that exhausted in a very very long time. Between the race, the walking, and the pregnancy I was wiped! We spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing, it was perfect. And before going to bed we got to see the solar eclipse from our bedroom window. Luckily the clouds were covering it a bit so we were able to actually look at it and get some photos....

a little spooky but very cool!

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Meredith said...

Great job!!! You look amazing! I'm so proud of you and baby girl for doing this race! (And Matt, too! haha)