Thursday, May 31, 2012

beachy bump photo: week 26

This last weekend was Memorial Day and boy was it gorgeous outside! All weekend long nothing but sunshine and clear skies. We took full advantage of this great weather and spent some time at the beach. Saturday we took Harley to dog beach and he had a blast! We walked the beach while he played with all the dogs. He eventually met up with an adorable little puppy and they played non stop until it was time to leave. He was exhausted and happy.

Sunday our friends Jessica and Joe drove down and spent the afternoon with us. First up: Hodads! It was Joe's idea and worth the wait in line. The burgers and onions rings were awesome! After all that food we were stuffed and ready for some relaxation, so we headed to the beach. We went to Matt's favorite little spot near Sunset Cliffs. It's a bit of a climb down, but it isn't crowded and we never have to fight for parking. We spent the next 2 hours laying around, reading, and playing a few beach games. 

26 week beach bump photo

 After the cops showed up and tried to bust people for drinking on the beach (luckily they didn't check our cooler), we decided it was time to go. I was the only one sitting by the cooler at the time, can you imagine them giving a pregnant lady a ticket? lol. Would have been pretty funny! After a quick change and goodbye hugs for Jess and Joe, Matt and I were off to Anthology for date night. We got tickets to see George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. I didn't really know anything about them, but was game for anything Matt wanted to go see. We got to the venue early, had dinner and drinks and then enjoyed the show. They were really awesome. And the crowd was having a blast! People were up near the stage and dancing in the aisles. Everyone was having a great time, baby girl included. I could feel her wiggling and moving around the entire time. Hopefully it wasn't too loud in there for her, hopefully she was just enjoying the beat.

pre concert 26 week clothed photo :)

Monday was the holiday, but instead of a lazy family day, Matt had to go into work. Someone has to work on a holiday right? It was a bummer, but I managed to keep myself busy all day. I started out the day at the gym, testing my fitness level. I rode the exercise bike and walked on the treadmill with no issues! yay! Then I took Harley to dog beach where he quickly found an big lab to chase around. The lab would go after the ball and Harley would chase after the lab. It worked out great. And since the tide was out Harley got to practice his swimming skills. One minute he was frolicking through the water, the next, under it trying to swim out. It was very entertaining and good exercise for him. He did great and I didn't have to run in after him at all! He was so tired afterwards that I let him stay inside while I ran a few errands. I think he really appreciated that. And since Matt was leaving for an underway on Tuesday I brought him dinner on the ship and hung out there for a bit. Meatloaf and green beans....yum! And as we were hugging goodbye baby girl gave Daddy a little kick in the gut. She was going to miss Daddy too. So cute!

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Meredith said...

You look great! Love the photos and sounds like a great weekend! The striped shirt is so cute!!