Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pregnancy brain is real!

If you can't laugh at yourself, life is just no fun. As my wonderful hubby always says "if it weren't for people like you, life would be so boring." Apparently I provide a lot of entertainment, especially lately. Pregnancy brain is a real thing and it has taken over! I suffer from memory loss all the time, and I can now add poor spelling to the list. I never thought spelling errors would be a symptom of pregnancy brain, but the proof is in the pudding frame.

I put together this cute little frame over the weekend. The top photo is In cahoots, the place we met. The middle photo is the cruise ship, where we got engaged. The bottom photo is the Ceresville Mansion, where we got married. I went to Michael's and got glittery stickers to spell out the words....and lucky for me they are only stickers and not pen! Take note of my amazing spelling skills.

Hopefully this little gem added a smile to your Tuesday. :)

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