Friday, May 25, 2012

throwing in the bootcamp towel :(

Selecting a doctor and a place to have your baby is a very big decision. Matt and I knew we wanted to stay away from the Navy hospital if at all possible (super high C Section rate). After some research and recommendations from friends we looked into Best Start Birth Center. We wanted a natural, intervention free (unless medically necessary), birth. A place that has a homey feel and maybe even a tub to labor in. Best Start had all of that, plus a very nice staff. After switching over our medical coverage we began the prenatal care with Best Start. All the appointments have been wonderful, easy, and complication free. We meet with a midwife each time, hear the baby's heartbeat, and I get answers to all my random questions. They also have a midwife on call 24 hours a day in case you go into labor or have a issue. Until Tuesday, I had never used that number.

After work I went about my normal routine: boot camp. It was actually a fairly low key workout day. A little cardio, but mostly using the bands to work our muscles. Everything I had done in the past and thought I should have no issue with. Well at some point I must have over extended myself because I think I ended up pulling a ligament muscle in the lower part of my belly. I didn't feel it right away, but a tingling/cramping sensation started up right at the end of class. I didn't think much of it, until 30 minutes later when it wouldn't go away. It was also accompanied by an occasional sharp pain that was making me really nervous. Plus it was just me and H at home....Matt was out to sea for the week. And if H could sense something was up, he must have thought the remedy was petting about demanding! I tried to tell him Mommy needed to rest and petting him was not the solution to my pain but he did not listen. Maybe he thought it would distract me. He was wrong. After an hour or so I was convinced it was Braxton Hicks contractions or worse.

I decided to call the midwife, and am so glad I did. She was awesome. She asked me a ton of questions, had me count the baby's movements and then take a bath. She was hoping the bath would help with the pain but it didn't. Based on what I was describing and my symptoms she didn't think it was anything hospital-worthy, but did tell me that if I wanted to go, she would meet me there. She recommended taking a few Tylenol and resting more, but to call if I needed anything. After taking the Tylenol and laying on the couch for an hour I felt a lot better. And by the time I woke up the next morning I felt a million times better. No more cramp type feeling, no more sharp pain. Thank God! She even called the next day to check on me and make sure I was feeling ok. You really don't get that kind of personal care these days. I am so happy we choose Best Start. The care they provide is wonderful and I am so thankful I am able to call if anything goes wrong. For a first time Mom to be, that is very reassuring.

So, as you can guess, I am going to be cutting back on my exercise. I wish I could continue, but I knew the day was fast approaching when I would have to hang up my bootcamp gear. I wish I could keep up with it, but my body is telling me to slow down, so I have to listen. After my ligaments feel better I hope to do some prenatal yoga and maybe ride the exercise bike, and of course take walks. And Mr H will be my new walking partner! I decided to go for a little walk yesterday since I was bored and feeling better. I asked Harley if he wanted to go, put his leash on him, and got this response:

In full lean mode, refusing to get off the couch.

I ended up having to drag him off the couch and pull him outside. I also decided we should take the stroller out with us so he could get used to walking next to it. I'm glad I did too, because maneuvering the stroller and walking the dog took some getting used to. About 10 minutes in, just as I was starting to get the hang of it, H starts panting like crazy and trying to drag me back home. Someone was ready to throw in the towel and go back to relaxing, but not me. We continued, despite the protests, for about 30 minutes. A nice little walk, where we both got a little exercise and fresh air. I'm sure everyone that passed us was wondering why I was pushing an empty stroller, but practice makes perfect.

Harley was so happy to finally get home!

He immediately collapsed on the floor to cool down. We both slept pretty good that night.


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