Wednesday, May 9, 2012

vaca recap: Monterey & SF....and a 23 week bump photo!!

Last week was awesome. Matt and I went on a mini vacation to northern California where we checked out Monterey, San Francisco and then headed to Modesto to visit with family. Because there are so many great pictures of the city and the baby shower, I will break this recap up into two posts. First up: Monterey and SF!

We left for our trip on Tuesday. We had a leisurely morning at home, packed up the car, then hit the road around 8am. No use in leaving any earlier since we would just end up stuck in traffic. The road trip was smooth and fun. We took turns driving, listening to music and just talking. We even took a little detour through the back country on our way to Carmel Valley and Monterey. It was a curvy, windy road with only one lane at times, but it was so beautiful. We arrived in Monterey around 430pm....just in time to check in and relax before going to dinner. We stayed at the wonderful, historic Old Monterey Inn:

We stayed in a room located on the third floor called Rookery. It had a fireplace and sky light and the warm and cozy feel of a home. I wish we could have stayed longer!

our cozy room...messy bed because I forgot to take one when it was all pretty!

the fire we had going every night

After settling in to our room and enjoying the free happy hour downstairs (wine for Matt and sparkling cider for me) we headed out to the wharf. We drove through Cannery Row and along the water, then walked along Fisherman's Wharf. It was absolutely gorgeous out, so we spent some time enjoying the view and watching the seals before eating.

For dinner we went to a nearby Italian restaurant called Cafe Fina. It was really yummy and had a great view of the water. Then we checked out the little shops and had to stop in and grab some candy and coffee on our way back to the Inn.

Fisherman's wharf
We spent the rest of the evening relaxing by the fire and reading. It was perfect.

Wednesday morning we slept in and enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the Inn. They made crepes with a ton of fresh fruit! I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was beautiful and delicious. We spent the rest of the day checking out the city, the nearby town of Seaside, the beaches (lots of sand dunes!) and everything the city had to offer. We had perfect weather too. That night we enjoyed another great meal, this time at a local place called Restaurant 1833. I had lamb and Matt had gnocchi. Both were wonderful, but nothing compared to the s'mores dessert I had! YUM! I was stuffed by the time we made it out of there and ready to relax in our room. We enjoyed a fire, a little tv, and then fell fast asleep.

Since we needed to be in the city by 11am on Thursday, we were unable to enjoy another Inn breakfast. But they did pack us a little breakfast on the go. Muffins, trail mix, fruit and juice. It was a great little touch. We loved everything about this Inn and highly recommend it!

our breakfast bag :)
Our drive from Monterey to San Francisco took about 2.5 hours. Not too shabby. I figured we would definitely hit some traffic but didn't have any issues.We stayed at the Marriott right near Union Square (great location!). After dropping off our stuff and grabbing our umbrella (it was raining, how rude!) we went downstairs to meet up with my Aunt Marlene. At our wedding she offered to give us a tour of the city when we came to visit....2.5 years later we were taking her up on that offer. She picked us up in her car and we were off. First stop: the Golden Gate Bridge.

us and the bridge!


Then we stopped for lunch at the Cliff House:

Saw "The Thinker" sculpture....and another view of the bridge!
contemplating life

And it wouldn't be a visit to San Francisco without driving down Lombard street:
can you spot Matty?
We also drove through the Presidio, Fisherman's Wharf, and Pier 39. All must see SF stops. Before heading back to the hotel we drove across the Bay Bridge and saw Treasure Island. It was actually my first time there too. The Island has great views of the city, but besides the cool 1930's building, it is depressing, low end housing. These pictures came out a little dark, but you can see how great the city looks!

After all that touring fun, we met up with Grandma and Rachel for drinks at the View, a bar on the 39th floor of our hotel.

Then it was finally time for dinner! We took a cab to a local Italian restaurant that was recommended to us by my coworker...Trattoria Contadina. It was so good! Baby Clute sure loves her pasta! And after our wonderful meal we rode the cable car back to Union Square. I hadn't been on a cable car in years and it was Matt's first time. It was a lot of fun!

And finally, on Friday morning, before heading out of town, we stopped to check out the painted ladies....aka the Full House house. :) It was a gorgeous day and the perfect spot for a 23 week baby bump photo!!

baby girl is getting big!
Stay tuned....Tomorrow is all about our time in Modesto and the wonderful baby shower!!!


Melissa said...

Bummed I missed you guys! I live at the painted ladies park. you were facing my place in the picture! Looks like you had fun, minus the freak rainstorm we had!

First Lady C said...

I didn't know you lived near the ladies! Matt and I were talking about how great it would be to live there, see the city and the view, plus have a dog park right across the street! The area is awesome. Next time we will meet up :)