Thursday, June 28, 2012

4D ultrasound of first baby clute!!

While we love everything about the birthing center, the one downfall is limited ultrasounds. We get to hear her heartbeat at every appointment, but no ultrasounds unless medically necessary. And since the pregnancy has been perfect and normal, we were not expecting any other ultrasounds after the 20 week gender one. I had heard a lot about 3D or 4D ultrasounds (I have no idea what the difference is between the two) and convinced Matt it would be so cool to see what she looks like in the third trimester! I googled and found a place nearby with great reviews and we purchased a little "sneak peek" package. The package included printed images, a video of our session, and a gender determination (she is definitely a girl!).

We went to  XDI Ultrasound in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. It was a cute little house that they turned into small medical office. It was quaint, and the staff was very nice. My Mom, sister, cousin and of course Matt came along for the experience. When it was our turn we all piled into the room and waited anxiously to see baby girl. The tech started out in 2D and I immediately thought "oh hell no I am not paying for this!" haha. Once he found her position, head down!!!, he switched over to 4D so we could get a good look at her face:

It was so amazing!! Look at her beautiful lips! During the session we couldn't seem to figure out where she was getting those lips from, but then I looked at this picture of Matt....

I think she has Matt lips and chin for sure, possibly my nose, and most likely my forehead (poor thing. We will get her some bangs). And she definitely has Auntie Sara's scrunched up pouty/angry face. During most of the ultrasound she was all curled up with her hand in front of her face and sometimes even her leg. The technician was rubbing on my belly, trying to get her to move her hand. She was not having it and gave us this face in return:

OMG is that not the cutest thing ever?? I know we will be seeing a lot more of this face in the future. And I will just smile and giggle every time. Being able to see her personality when she is still on the inside is the neatest thing in the world!! Maybe she will be a stubborn little girl, we shall see. I think this may be my favorite photo, I even have it up in my office. :)

Towards the end of the appointment she started moving around a bit more and was even opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue! She looks like she is smiling here:

I am even more excited to meet her now!! I love her so much already. I can't wait to hold her and cuddle her and stare at her beautiful little face. Two more months and our sweet baby girl will be here!!

And finally, here is a week 20 to week 30  bump comparison....big change!!!

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