Tuesday, June 19, 2012

father's day weekend ~ 29 weeks!

Like most women, I have been tracking my pregnancy by weeks. Rarely do I convert that number to days, until now. I was curious just how many days were left until the due date (who knows if she will actually arrive then)....and it's only 74!!! That is crazy to me because the total number of days (full term) is 280! And she could arrive anytime between about 60 - 90 days, hopefully no sooner. I feel like maybe I should be overwhelmed or worried about getting everything done in time, but I'm not. Maybe in another month I will go into last minute preparation and nesting mode. We shall see.

me at 29 weeks....feeling very big in this photo. maybe it's the dress....

Right now Matt and I are savoring our last few weeks just the two of us (plus H of course) sleeping in, lounging around, and enjoying a nice clean house. And this last weekend we did a lot of that, plus a couple of fun little outings. My sister is in town for the next few weeks, so we met up with her and her "man candy", Peter, on Saturday for some drinks and food at Wavehouse in Mission Beach. It was nice to get out and visit, but I did feel a little weird being pregnant at a bar, even if they did serve food. And while we were relaxing in the sunshine, Harley and Sonny were getting reacquainted after not seeing each other for months. Sonny will be staying with us at Casa de Clute while Sara is visiting, so they get to play together non stop. I think Harley may even drop a couple of pounds from all the exercise.

best friends 

On Sunday, in honor of Matt's first Father's Day, we went to brunch with some friends and their adorable little girls at Admiral Baker's in Mission Valley. They have a great buffet, champagne included (maybe next year I can enjoy it), and it is located on a beautiful golf course. After stuffing our faces (too much good food!), the girls went home and the boys stayed and played a round of golf. What I thought would be a 3 hour game turned into almost 6! Apparently it was a very busy day on the course. The fur kids and I managed to keep ourselves occupied while Matt was gone....we did a little baking (more on that in a week or so) and we napped:

And then sat outside and did a little reading  

This weekend included a lot of chill time around the house, but the next two weeks will be jam packed with all sorts of fun stuff including my baby shower in San Diego and Matt's 30th Birthday party!!  I promise to try and take lots of pictures during those events and share them all on here. We are also getting a 4D ultrasound on Friday and I can't wait!! We even get a little video to keep. I want to confirm baby girl is really a girl and we want to get a good look at her adorable little face. :)

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