Monday, June 25, 2012

San Diego Baby Shower

Saturday was a very fun and special day, my bestie Jessica hosted my San Diego baby shower! Not only did she play hostess, but she designed the invites, made the decorations, baked and cooked all the food, and set it all up! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful friend in my life. Thank you so much Jessica!

Even though we invited family and friends from all over the country, we had a small quaint group of locals including college friends, navy friends, and coworkers. And my Mom and sister even made the trip down for the special day! It was absolutely perfect and a lot of fun. I am so glad everyone was able to celebrate first baby clute. She is already a very loved little girl.

me and hostess of the mostess, bestie Jessica!

the setup

cupcakes and food...yum!!

even Son got in the spirit and got his mohawk colored pink!!
Everyone arrived around 1pm and we all enjoyed the yummy food. Then it was time to play some games! They all got to guess how big my belly is, the amount of candy in a jar, and the hilarious "which trait do I want the baby to have" quiz. It was a close game, and we had to go for a tiebreaker....who's booty do I want her to have....

they both look like winners to me! :)

Surprisingly, Sara's friend Peter won that game! The person who probably knew us the least got the most right. But some of those were super hard....intelligence, personality, eyes....tough choices! I say baby girl is lucky either way :).

Then it was time to open some presents.

adorable navy and first baby clute gear! Thank you Radke's!
onsie says "my brother is a french bulldog" with a picture of Harley on it!!
Super cute!! Thank you Meredith, John and Reagan!
handmade blanket (and sweater and hat) from Grandma Clute!
adorable little pants with a cute zebra on the butt! Love!
There were so many more wonderful presents, but these are the photos where I actually look presentable and with only one chin. :)  Everyone was super generous and we have a ton of cute stylish clothes for this little girl. I can't wait to dress her up and take lots and lots of photos.

Even though a few people had scattered or left already, we managed to get a nice group shot outside in the beautiful weather....

And we can't forget H who had such a good time he had to nap mid gift opening....

Thank you very much for all the wonderful gifts! And thank you to those ladies (and Gavin and Peter) who came to the shower. It was great to see everyone and do some catching up. And one more BIG thank you to my bestie Jessica for planning and throwing this shower! It means the world to me and I love you so much! We are so happy you are all a part of our lives and so excited to be able to share this special time with all of you!

Come back later this week to see the rest of our 4D ultrasound photos and "official" 30 week bump pics! :)


Jessica B said...

Awww! love you bestie!

Samantha said...

Looks like it was a great day! Jess did a wonderful job! I really wish I lived closer so I could attend stuff like this :(