Tuesday, June 12, 2012

week 28: weekend recap and bump photos of the whole family!

Even though our weekend was really uneventful, we had a fabulous time. Matt was supposed to be out on the ship all weekend long, which meant errands and house cleaning for me, but they pulled in early and he was able to spend the entire weekend at home! yay! I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever so it was so nice (for both of us) that he was able to get a little time off.

We had zero plans for the weekend, which was fine by me. We did manage to get some of our grown up duties accomplished: groceries, cleaning, etc. And on Sunday while Matt went golfing I went shopping. I was in desperate need of a few work shirts to get me through the last trimester, and I also found a grey skirt that I can wear to work too. I picked out a cute blue/purple dress for the baby shower next weekend and a skirt for the maternity photos. And finally, I caved and bought a much needed maternity/nursing bra. No underwire!! Mine were starting to drive me nuts so I figured I would get a bra that worked for now and for when the baby is here. I know I will need to get at least one more, but figured I was easing my way in. And no way am I ready to purchase any maternity undies. Even though I hear they are comfortable, mine still fit just fine and I'm just not ready to go there. haha.

On Monday we had our 28 week baby appointment and all is good. They do think that she is breech right now, but there is still plenty of time for her to get into position. And considering how active she is, I think she just likes to move around a lot. It was really cool to feel her head (which was right by my belly button) during the appointment. And as we were listening to her heartbeat, Matt asked if that was her, then BAM, she kicks. A big kick too! Almost like "yea Daddy it's me!". :) After our regular apt I had to stick around and take the 2 hour glucose test (to check for gestational diabetes). Honestly, the drink wasn't too bad. I was imagining much worse. The awful part was sitting there hungry for two hours. It was hard to read my book when all I could think about was the banana that was in my purse. Hopefully I passed....should find out in a few days.

Here are a few photos from the weekend, including the 28 weeks bump photos!

Harley, hiding out in the laundry. Reminds me of ET.
My new coffee cup Matt got me! "Navy Wife, the toughest job in the Navy!" LOVE

Yep my hair is darker. I wanted to freshen it up, and it came out a little darker than I had planned. I'm getting used to it, but I think I miss my blonde :). Might need to tone it a bit.

Matt wanted me to post this photo to show everyone that he hasn't gained any sympathy weight so far. The baby book we got asks for total weight gain of both Mom and Dad, so we will have to do an official weigh in once she gets here. :)

And here is H, helping Mommy with the sign. That did not last very long...he tried to eat it.

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