Friday, July 6, 2012

baby gear for my birthday = one happy mama to be!

Ahhh more year and I am in my 30's! I thought I would feel so much older, but I don't. I definitely feel more mature and grown up, but not "old" just yet (thank goodness)! I am happy and content with life, and that's all I can ask for. And I know 29 will be a pretty awesome year. Baby girl will be here in a few short weeks (8!!), so I of course asked for some much needed baby gear for my birthday.

First up, the Rocking Chair!!!!! I didn't actually ask for this for my birthday, it just happened to take 3 months to get here so it arrived on my birthday. And since Matt has his lovely leather chair, this one is mine. Plus I will be using it most of the time, hello 2am feedings!! It is the small Pottery Barn Comfort Glider, french oatmeal slipcovers. We ended up getting it 25% off because of all the shipping and delivery issues (score!!). I will say I was totally against slip covers when we first went looking for chairs. After considering the likelihood of puke ending up on it, perhaps having it machine washable (and eventually replaceable) isn't such a horrible idea. The pattern is neutral, and will work with any other colors in any room. Another reason we splurged and got the Pottery Barn chair, we plan to keep it for a long long time and eventually plan to put it in the living room, so we wanted it to be good quality. And most importantly, Matt hated the look of the gliders.

And let me tell you it is soooo comfortable!! Damn you Pottery Barn for making such good stuff. As much as I want to hate them for being overpriced, they have really nice, irresistible furniture.

This picture also shows you our room set up. Our bed is to left, and you can see the pack n play right next to it. Our temporary nursery. Easy and quick access to the baby all hours of the night.

Next up: my diaper bag!! I did actually ask for this for my birthday. It will basically be my new purse once baby gets here, so I might as well get a nice one right?! After looking at a few different brands and talking to other Moms I decided on the Ju-Ju-Be earth leather Be Fabulous. I got it in Black with hot pink interior! Love!! 

I picked this bag for a few reasons. It wasn't too big or too small, similar in size to my current purse (which is a plus for me). It doesn't look like a diaper bag and hopefully Matt won't mind carrying it or holding it sometimes. It is machine washable.....yes machine washable!! I am told this is important, so I am very excited! :). It has a lot of great pockets and organization, which I know I will need. And the one thing this bag had that other brands didn't: a Mommy pocket:

A place for me to put my wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc. There is even a soft cell phone pocket to keep your phone from getting lost in the jumble. I am in love with it already! Thank you Matty!!

Finally, a gift I didn't even know I needed: a maternity hospital gown! Even though we won't be going to a hospital, we will be at a birthing center and I honestly had no idea what I was going to wear. Something comfortable and easy to move around in were my only requirements. My sis-in-law Jen found this great gown from Mommy Moxie on Etsy and ordered me one, in my own custom pattern, First Lady C!!

Navy Camo and hot pink...perfect!! She figured I should be properly dressed when I "go to battle"....could not have said it better myself. :) The fabric is really soft and I love all the snaps down the back and arms. Part of me wants to save it for the big day, and part of me wants to wear it around the house now. T-shirt are fitting tighter and tighter these days and this baby has room to grow! Thank you Jen & Jim!!

Do I look ready to go or what???

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Samantha said...

Cute gown and purse! You're one stylish momma Mrs. Clute! :)