Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a dirty thirty birthday party!!

As you know, Matt turned 30 last week, and in honor of that occasion, we had a little BBQ Birthday party for him at the house. We invited friends and neighbors over to eat, drink, and celebrate! We had the BBQ food catered by Matt's favorite place, Phil's BBQ. They are famous for their ribs and bbq sauce and since it meant I didn't have to cook the entire time, I loved the idea! I did set up a few grazing snacks and of course birthday cupcakes so nobody went hungry.

birthday banner, designed by Jessica, put together by me :)
Finishing up the frosting before the guests arrive! 

The final cupcake setup....see how they spell out "30"....yea they didn't start that way. Apparently (thank you Jessica for noticing this mistake) I had my 3 backwards making it E0...LOL!!! Pregnancy brain is getting worse and worse I tell you.

I made two different cupcakes, chocolate almond (recipe from The Cake Doctor's cupcake book) and a lemon cupcake (lemon cake mix) with cherry buttercream frosting. I had a small issue with the frosting, it got a little watery after putting it in the fridge for an hour. Or maybe it was the food coloring I was adding to it to try and make it more red and less pink? Either way, I added additional powdered sugar to it and it came out fine. It could have looked a little better but it tasted great! And since I haven't heard of anyone getting sick, I consider it a success. :) I topped off the cupcakes with some birthday candles and little toothpicks with a "30" on them. Again, designed by Jessica and put together by me.

At 3pm the guests started arriving and a game of beer pong was quickly set up in the yard.

Even the kids got into it, playing their own game....without the beer of course, we aren't that irresponsible! And Harley had an absolute blast playing with the girls too! He was chasing them around the house, playing tug of war, and showing off all his tricks to get as many treats as possible (we didn't even need to feed him dinner!)...

Eventually he got so tired he had to nap on Peter....

After enjoying the BBQ chicken and ribs, it was time to sing to Matt and eat cupcakes!! Gracie was wonderful and helped Matt blow out his birthday candles....

me and the birthday boy :)
After some of the guests scattered and went home, the rest of us headed over to JT's, Matt's favorite bar, for a little karaoke and beer. Matt sang 3 songs, Chris sang one, and even Joe came out of his shell and sang Journey!

Everyone had a really good time, including the birthday boy. I even woke up with a small headache and I didn't drink anything! Perhaps it was the drunchie stop at the local Mexican food place...hmmm. Happy 30th Birthday Hubby!! Love you!!

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Samantha said...

Mexican food?! You ate the WHOLE burrito and didn't share with mee!!! ;)