Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maternity photos: week 32

About a month and a half ago I started the process of searching for a maternity and newborn photographer. I put it off for as long as possible (not sure why) but eventually realized I needed to schedule the maternity shoot about a month in advance. There was no telling how busy these photogs were and I didn't want to miss out because I was being lazy. So I scoured the internet and read reviews and emailed for the price lists and had to pick up my jaw off the floor once I got the feedback. It was going to be expensive. More than I thought and WAYYYY more than Matt thought. Not to mention that most would not give us the digital images, meaning we would have to purchase prints in order to have our pictures. And most made you decide which images to print within a week or two of the session. Talk about a tight time frame. I put together a spreadsheet (geeky I know) of all the photographers I liked, links to their sites, their prices, etc and then brought it home to get Matt's feedback. I also had to figure out a way to tell him it would be $1k - $2k, depending on what we wanted. I knew he wouldn't be thrilled, but it seemed like every photographer was charging those rates and I didn't see a way around it.

Together we looked at the sites and talked about what we wanted and narrowed it down to one photographer who had good maternity and newborn photos. And while Matt wasn't thrilled about the cost, he knew how much having these photos meant to me, so he agreed to it. When I emailed to book the session the photographer mentioned a deposit. Ok, no biggie, typical. Yea um she wanted us to pay for the entire package up front, nearly $1200. I was shocked. I thought we could phase ourselves into the payment, a little for the maternity, a little for the newborn session, and the rest once we got the album, prints, etc. Nope, not the way she does business.

Let the freak out session begin! I was stressed. Totally caught off guard and unsure if this was the right decision. I emailed and talked to my Mom about it too, looking for reassurance or guidance. She ended up talking to a coworker who knew a photographer in San Diego. She sent me the link and I was pleasantly surprised! He was really good! And when I emailed asking about prices I about fell off my chair...in a good way! We would only be paying the session fee and we would get all our edited images....at no extra cost. Um say that again please? It felt almost too good to be true. Plus, he was totally awesome (from what I could tell in emails). I had a good feeling and the one thing he said that really stuck with me: "my favorite photos that I cherish, of me and my wife with our kids are just that....us with the kids". I could not agree more. While I love all the baby posing and cutsie baskets and hats I had to ask myself what images would I frame? The answer: a photo of me, Matt, and baby girl....just us, no fuss, no bows, just us. So we booked a session with Ryan Daley Photography!

Our session was this last Sunday and he already posted some images on his blog! Here are a few of our favorites.....

If you want to see the rest, please visit Ryan's blog: http://www.thedaleylife.com/ .

We met Ryan at South Ponto beach in Carlsbad to take the pictures. Thankfully the sun was shining and the weather was perfect! I had been praying every single night for a week asking for sunshine....I wanted the silhouette photos so bad and was afraid we would be cursed with gloomy weather. Our engagement, wedding, and family beach photos were all overcast and cold, and I was worried these would be too. Luckily, the prayers worked and the sun was out just for us. We spent about an hour or so taking pictures, some of both of us and some of just me (giving Matt a break). Ryan was so easy and great to work with. Even Matt said he had a good time....and he never says that about having his picture taken!!

When I got the email the next day about the photos being on the blog already I was surprised (so fast!) and nervous. I always get worried I will hate the photos and like most people, I am my own worst critic. But wow. Just wow. We could not be happier with the outcome! They are amazing and of the few he posted, I am already having a hard time deciding which ones to frame. I am so happy we found Ryan. We are so excited to see the rest of the images!!

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