Thursday, July 12, 2012

woof woof photos

Today I thought I would post some cute pictures of the pups. While Sara was in town visiting, her dog Son stayed with us. And since he was so small, I promptly put him in the stroller and pushed him around the house.

looking cute with his mohawk!

He was a little upset but overall pretty tolerant. He was not thrilled when I pulled the canopy down on him, I think he wanted to see out. After watching how much fun it was you would think Harley would want to give it a try....nope. He wanted nothing to do with it. If he realized it meant not having to walk while we exercised he would be all about it.  Lazy pup. haha.

Speaking of lazy....

relaxing in the sunshine with auntie. ahh the life of H.

And finally, two of my favorite photos. Harley with Daddy's cover on....

Lt Harley J Clute

wind in the face
Happy Thursday everyone!!

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