Wednesday, August 22, 2012

date night, doggie playdate, and a bump photo!

I figured by 38 weeks I would be laying around in bed, not wanting to do anything, and trying every trick to get the baby out immediately. Surprisingly, that is not the case. Maybe it's me, maybe I got lucky, but somehow I rallied and we did a lot of fun stuff this last weekend. Two weeks before my due date. 

First up was a Charger preseason game! Between the baby and Matt's work schedule I figured this would probably be the only game we would be able to go to this season, so we got tickets. We got some pretty good seats, close to the trolley, which meant less walking for me. And since the game was at 6pm, the weather wasn't too awful. I do wish I had just caved and bought some maternity shorts, but the cheapskate in me said no, so I wore pants. I was a little uncomfortable but I survived. And the Chargers managed to beat the Cowboys! Honestly it was looking really bad for the first half of the game, but the backup players pulled it together and managed to kick some butt at the end. The game wasn't as crazy intense since it was preseason, but still a lot of fun. And a really good date night with the hubby. I even enjoyed a nice churro during the game....yum!

Not my best photo (IMO) but it's the only we have of us together :)
view from our seats

my left cankle (yes the right one was fine). Too much walking and heat!
Sunday our little family took a field trip up north to visit the Burgess clan. Jessica and Joe recently moved to a new apartment and added a new furry family member, Pickle. She is part wiener dog and part hyper, and 100% cuteness!!
isn't she just adorable?

So we not only needed to check out their new place, but we had to get the pups together for a play date. And the fur kids got along great! They played and slept and ate ice cubes (it was hot) and had a great time! Poor Harley did get a little overheated and had to sit in front of the fan to cool off...

But look at this happy face:
He slept the entire ride home.
We also took a dip in their pool and went out to lunch so we could all catch up. We usually get together and do something once a month and we were a little over due for our meet up. And to think the next time we all hang out baby girl will be here! I think they need to work on a mini Burgess so baby has a play mate too :).

And finally, here is a 38 week bump photo, taken on my last day of work. I actually wrote the chalkboard backwards so it could be read in the mirror, go me! :)

And here is a regular one, using the camera timer. 

Any day now....


Meredith said...

You look awesome and you are such an active and fun inspiration to the rest of us preggos!! Can't wait to see those first pics of baby girl, too!! xo

The Little Bit said...

You're looking awesome, girl! I can't wait to see her pictures and know her name!!! :)