Wednesday, August 29, 2012

life on leave

Ah I know, I have been slacking a little on the blog posts. It is really hard to sit down and write something when I have nothing to do all day long. haha. 

But seriously, what have I been doing to pass the time while we wait for baby girl to arrive? Lots of things....the gym, appointments, errands, and misc tasks around the house. I've managed to do a little spring cleaning, donated some of my old clothes and books. Feels good to de-clutter a bit. And since I only work on a little bit each day it isn't overwhelming or stressful, just something to keep me busy. 

A typical day at Casa de Clute.....Harley and I usually get up around 730am, hang out on the couch for a bit and have a small snack. Then I hit up the gym for an hour. After a shower and getting ready (yes I try to put on makeup and do my hair if I can!) we start in on whatever is on the schedule for the day. And by "we" I mean me, but Harley supervises. I know he must love having me home all the time. I don't think he has been put outside in his dog house at all, but it also means he can't get his beauty rest. He follows me around the house and monitors what I'm doing, so he just can't seem to relax and catch some zzz's. Poor guy. :)

I did manage to take him to the beach over the weekend. We went early so we could avoid the crowds and Harley had a great time. It was a good day at the beach, he found a lot of dogs to play with and chase which meant he was exhausted by the time we got home. And at 10am it was pretty warm out so he was really enjoying playing in the water....

relaxing in the shallow water
having a blast swimming in the ocean!
And when we got home we found a package for us on the front steps from Miss Samyjo! And in it was baby's first Charger outfit!! I was hoping to get something Charger for baby girl since she will be born at the start of football season, and I am so happy that outfit is from Sam and Ash! :) And per tradition, I had to try the bow on Harley first......

He was not very happy with me, but did allow me to get one good picture of him. What a good sport. It helped that they also sent a bag of treats for him so he wouldn't feel left out. He LOVES them! 

Isn't that just the cutest bow ever??! And the onesie with the little Charger skirt, adorable! I can't wait to dress her up for her first football game! Thank you Sam and Ash!! :) 

And even though Matt had to work over the weekend I did manage to get him to take an official bump photo of me. They come out so much better when he takes them, he is a pro!

39 more week left....probably a little more though. I haven't had any "signs" that labor might be starting soon. While that is ok right now, I am a little anxious to get this going! In another week or so we might start trying all sorts of tricks to kick start this process. I don't want to force her out if she isn't ready, but a little nudge in the downward direction might be needed. Come out baby, we want to meet you!!!


Samantha said...

I can't believe Harley is such a swimmer, he really gets far out there! Go H!

Cant wait for baby girl to get here already!!!

Suzanne said...

You look beautiful as usual - as does Mr. H! Can't wait to see you all soon...we're soooo excited!!!!