Monday, August 6, 2012

preparing for baby

After a few busy weekends with no time to spare, I finally got around to officially preparing for baby girl's arrival. We are stocked up on everything I think we need, and all the returns/exchanges have been made. We also have the car seat installed, the pack n play is up, the swing is put together, and the monitor has been set up. I still need to figure out how to work the monitor, but it is in our room and Matt tested it out a few weeks ago. So the goal for Sunday was simple: remove tags, and wash all the clothes/blankets, etc.

Step 1: grab all the clothes and sort by size. I had already done this before, but I realized that it would be better to sort by weight rather than age (if possible). And then make a judgement call on any unknowns. I only grabbed clothes for 0-6 months, everything else is in a bag in the closet because there isn't any room in the drawers.

All her clothes, socks, and hats filled up our big laundry basket.....spoiled stylish little girl already! Bonus: I got to watch a little project runway as I was sorting and organizing.

Step 2: My piles...and H, who was bored and I think slightly annoyed with the whole thing. He was probably expecting a lot more cuddle time than he got that day. Poor H. Anyways, I kept the piles separate and washed according to weight. Newborn: under 8lbs, 0-3 Months: 8-12.5lbs, 3-6 Months: 12.5-16lbs. This way I didn't have to reorganize anything. I added blankets, bibs, etc to the loads to fill them up. And even though I had various colors, nothing bled! Woo Hoo!! I was a little concerned about that, esp with the few dark colored or red outfits, but everything made it out just fine. And while I don't know if it is super critical, I did use a green detergent, just in case.

I will say that cutting off all the tags was probably the worst part. I hadn't done any of that yet, just in case I wanted to make any returns, but if you know you are keeping stuff, take the tags off when you get it. Saves you time down the road. Folding wasn't so bad, but it was definitely an all day process. I think between the regular laundry I had to do that day, plus everything for the baby, I spent 5-6 hours doing laundry. Our water bill will probably be a tad higher this month....and from now on come to think of it.

Step 3: Put everything away! This would have been easy, except somehow they didn't all fit in the drawers like before! Dah! So now I need to do a little shuffling and moving of stuff around so everything fits...comfortably. And as 8pm approached and we were finally relaxing on the couch I realized I forgot to wash the towels and diapers! Thankfully, those will probably only take up about 2 loads, easy to accomplish on a week night.

To-do list:

1. Wash Clothes 
2. Wash Blankets
3. Wash Towels
4. Wash Cloth Diapers
5. Pack Bag for Birthing Center! 
6. Open/Set up Bouncy Seat & play mat
7. Relax...a lot!

How about a little peak into the "nursery". This little room is right off our master bath, could be a mini office or a large closet, but we are using it as a mini nursery. (I apologize for the lighting, I took these at night). 

This is baby girl's dresser. The diaper organizer hangs off the side and holds all our cloth diapers, inserts, wipes, etc. Changing pad on top of the dresser with more wipes. Our wet/dry bag is hanging on one of the handles right now (super cute pattern but it's hard to see). I should probably do a little cloth diaper post sometime too....yes I think that might be a good idea. Stay tuned for that.

Close up of the dresser top and pictures. The Radke's got us the little "Clute Family" tree for Christmas (we need an artist to add another little bird to our tree!) And Nikki got is the little picture next to it. It it a big elephant and a little elephant sitting side by side...too cute! And goes perfectly with the nursery theme.

This is the other dresser is the room, accessorized with a bunch of cute baby stuff: books, stuffed animals, and her baby album. The little memory box holds all the cards from the showers and the extra ultrasound photos. I am very sentimental (Matt calls it hoarding) and I like to keep all these for her to look at when she is older. :)

I do feel a little better now that I am making some progress on all this stuff. I am nervous she will arrive early and we won't be ready, but I think we are doing ok. Plus, Matt is out on the ship all next week so she isn't allowed to come early...Daddy says so!

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