Saturday, August 25, 2012

the bag is packed!

Phew! It only took two days off work and a few Braxton Hicks contractions to finally get me to pack the bag. It really wasn't so bad, sorta fun actually, not sure why I was avoiding it like the plague. I actually ended up packing two bags, one for me and the baby, and one for Matt and all the gear and snacks.

There are only a few last minute items that aren't in the bags yet, but I have written them on a list so we won't forget them (hopefully!). Here is what we are taking with us when we head to the birthing center.....

For Baby:

  • 2 receiving blankets
  • One newborn onesie, one 3 month onesie
  • PJ set
  • Socks, mittens, and cute hair bows!
  • 4 diapers
  • Wipes & blanket (in the car, just in case)
For Mom:
  • Battle gown
  • 2 nursing bras - one for the tub, one for after 
  • Extra undies and socks
  • Sweatpants & nursing tank for after
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries - hair ties, hairbrush, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash
For Dad:
  • Swim trunks for the tub
  • Comfy change of clothes
  • Slippers
  • iPad/iPod/Magazines
For Labor:
  • Music (on iPod)
  • Candles (special ones my Mom got us)
  • Tennis Balls (help with back labor)
  • Water/Juice/Snacks/Hard Candy/Honey - to keep up my energy
  • Camera and Camcorder (as well as the chargers!)
Bag for Mommy and Baby! 

Both bags packed and ready to go!

I used the Birthing Center's list, added some items our birthing class recommended (honey & tennis balls!), and reviewed the lists I've seen online to create my packing list above. Depending on where you plan to give birth and what supplies they have available, your list will vary slightly. I do recommend packing before the 38 week mark, just in case, but thankfully that wasn't an issue for us! :) I do feel a huge sense of relief knowing we are "ready to go" and it makes it even more real when I see the bags every day. A little reminder that she will be here any moment!   

After baby girl arrives and we are settled in at home, I will have to tell you which items were "must haves" during labor and after. Until then.....

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Meredith said...

So, so exciting!!! She's almost here!