Thursday, August 16, 2012

why we chose cloth

A few months after we found out we were pregnant, I went baby gear shopping with a friend. She pointed out a lot of the "must haves" and "wastes of time" in the jungle that is baby supplies. During that trip I also got to see cloth diapers for the first time. I was imaging the old school, folded towel style secured with safety pins. Let me tell you, cloth diapers have come a long way. There are a variety of styles, a million different colors, and they are so much easier to use than they used to be. Depending on the style, they come with snaps or velcro and are so cute!

A pocket diaper...opened before inserting the pad and closed up. So cute!

After the shopping trip, scouring the internet for information, and talking to friends who have used both cloth and disposable, I was definitely open to the idea. I was going to leave the decision up to Matt since cloth will require a lot more work, especially as baby gets older and starts eating solids. In the beginning you can basically just toss the dirty diaper straight into the wash and it will get clean, but when they start eating solids it requires a rinse off before entering the wash. I know that I would end up doing that most of the time, but if Matt was going to refuse pre-cleaning them, maybe disposables were better for us.

Surprisingly, Matt was all for the cloth diapers! He wanted to save the money and the environment. A baby will use about 7,000 disposable diapers in their lifetime, and if we have two kids, that's 14,000 diapers. That is roughly $5k. Not to mention all those diapers end up in a landfill and take 200+ years to decompose. Ouch. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, Cost $500-$1000, all depending on what type of cloth diaper you choose and how many you buy. I plan on doing laundry a few times a week, so I am starting out with a smaller supply (I really don't mind laundry). And the cost of doing a few extra loads a week is not a big deal to us.

A few other reasons we chose cloth diapers: babies in cloth diapers are less likely to get diaper rash (this was one reason a friend of mine switched to cloth), and many people say that babies in cloth diapers are easier to potty train.

So, what kinds of cloth diapers are out there and which ones did we choose?

Well, there are a few options:

1. All-in-One (AIO) diapers: basically the easiest and most like disposable. No assembly required! Just put it on and go!

2. Fitted/Contoured: They are fitted with snaps or velcro and require a diaper cover.

3. Pre-fold & Flat diapers: these are the old fashioned ones that need to be fastened with safety pins (or something similar) and used with a diaper cover.

4. Pocket diapers: These have a waterproof outer layer that is sew to a softer fabric to create a thin diaper. It has a pocket where you slide in an absorbent insert.

After talking to friends and seeing the different types in person, we went with the pocket diapers and AIO's. My plan is to try a few different types and a few different brands and once we figure out what works best for baby girl (and us) I will buy some more. Right now we have 14 diapers: Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, Blueberry, Grovia, Bumkins, and Apple Cheeks. I got a lot of these diapers from Kelly's Closet and a few from Baby Steals when they had a sale going on, which is how we ended up with so many different brands.

post washing machine, getting ready to "stuff" them!

We have some newborn sized diapers, but most are one-sized (OS) that will hopefully grow with her. I like the idea of the OS diapers, lower cost over time, but we will have to wait and see if those will work for her. And while I wanted to buy all pink and purple diapers, I got a lot of gender neutral colors so we can use these again for baby #2.

We have also purchased a special diaper rash cream specific for cloth diapers (regular diaper rash cream stains cloth), an odor remover spray (?? I needed to spend $5 more to get a free diaper. lol), and two wet/dry bags. I am IN LOVE with our adorable wet/dry bags. I have one large one for the nursery and one smaller one for the car. There is a large zippered pocket for the wet diapers and a smaller dry pocket for the clean ones.

aren't these the cutest things ever?? Much cuter than a diaper pail!

While we have decided on cloth, we do plan to use some disposable, especially in the beginning. I figure we need to try and get the hang of things first, then start with the cloth after a week or two. And we plan to use disposable diapers if we are travelling for a longer period with no access to a washing machine. Going to play that by ear, but that is the plan for now. And we have decided to use regular wipes rather than cloth wipes. One thing at a time. LOL. If everything goes well, we may switch to cloth wipes, but we did get a lot of wipes at the baby showers (Costco packs!), so we have some time to figure that out.

I'm sure some of you are thinking "girl you are crazy" and "good luck to you" (followed by an eye roll) but listen to this. I thought this whole cloth diaper thing was a little "hippie" too, and then I went to birthing class and met some woman who plans to go diaper free. Yes, that means NO DIAPERS! At all. (I actually had to google this because I had never heard of it before!) Apparently you hold the baby over the toilet and make a noise or something when they go to the bathroom and eventually they learn to go on command. All I see is a big mess and a lot of work. You could never take your kid to daycare or travel. And who would volunteer to babysit? Not me! I'm sorry, maybe I am being a little judgemental, but it just sounds a little wacky to me.

See, cloth diapers don't seem so scary now do they? LOL!

look at this cuteness!!! :)

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