Friday, September 7, 2012

week 40: update in photos

I figured it was time I sat down and posted something on this blog since it has been over a week now. Shame on me. I have had the intention of doing it all week, even wrote it down on the chalkboard, but laziness and procrastination kicked in big time and well, no blog post. 

So here we are, September 7, almost one week past baby girl's estimated due date and I am still pregnant. I really don't mind it all that much, but I hate being under a time constraint. At two weeks past due they will probably induce and I really don't want to reach that point. I would like her to come out on her own when she is good and ready, so forcing her out makes me a little sad, and nervous. I have a Non Stress Test scheduled for Monday to check how she is doing in there and to make sure everything is ok, then another one on Thursday if she is still hanging on. Fingers crossed I won't be going to that appointment! Either way, in a little over a week she will be here and we will finally be able to hold her in our arms!! 

Hard to believe this pregnancy is almost over, then again, this has been the longest week ever! I have tried to keep busy, but also relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. There have been lots of trips to the gym (they have AC) so I can walk, a few lovely walks through the neighborhood with Matt, and a many trips to the beach for Harley. Here is a little recap of the last week in photos:

Matt and I had a lovely date night last Friday. We went out to dinner at Nine-Ten in La Jolla and had some amazing food! We went there for restaurant week last year and I have been dying to go back since. This is a picture of our dessert! I got a chocolate lava cake, OMG so good!! Matt got a carrot cake that was also yummy, but nothing compared to mine. :)

On Saturday Matt went golfing at Torrey Pines. He just passed his big inspection with flying colors and decided to rewarded himself and his ASUPPO with a round of golf at San Diego's famous course. As you can see, it is right on the water and absolutely stunning! 

He had such a good time that he fell asleep early while lounging in his leather chair. He was trying so hard to stay awake, he had a cup of coffee and the TV on, but it was too much. I went to check on him after I hadn't heard a peep and found the coffee spilled on him and some of the chair. I sent him to bed and we found this stain the next morning:
it's in the shape of a heart! only the coolest most romantic coffee stain ever! 

On Monday we took Harley to dog beach and he had a blast! He found lots of doggies to play with and even did a little more swimming. Here he is playing a game of tug and war.
such a tough guy
I also decided that we needed to have snicker doodle cookies in the house. I had never made them before but they turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself.
getting ready to go in the oven

some of the finished product, in my little Christmas tin. 

Harley doing his best "cookie?" face
And finally, a 40 week bump photo!! I know, tomorrow is 41 weeks, but better late than never!

When will she get here? Who knows?!

And I don't think this post would be complete without a picture of me torturing H.....
so pretty!

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