Friday, October 26, 2012

cloth diaper update & review

As you may recall, Matt and I decided we were going to use cloth diapers instead of disposable. I purchased a bunch of diapers before Charlotte was born, as well as a few packages of disposables for the first few weeks. It has now been 6 weeks since she was born and we are 80% cloth, 20% disposable. This is mostly because we needed more diapers. I had 14 on hand when she arrived but quickly realized we could use that in one day, easy. Plus, Charlotte isn't a huge baby so some of the one-sized diapers are a little big on her. I can make all of them fit, but some of them give her a huge bubble butt. I also prefer to use disposable at night (at least for now). We use about 4 diapers at night (I change her every time she wakes up to feed) so using disposable isn't a big deal to me. And it is much more convenient.

It actually took us a few weeks to phase our way into the cloth. I was a little scared and really started to second guess my decision. Disposables are so convenient! Just take it off and throw it away and you are done. But boy do they cost a lot! Every time I had to pick up a package of diapers I would cringe. $10 for 30 newborn diapers. Ugh! And we went through 30 diapers in 3 days or less! That is about $30/week in diapers. It hurt. So I finally caved and tried the cloth when Charlotte was 3 weeks old. She wore them during the day for a few days and then I did the wash and found it was all pretty easy! Not messy or gross and just as easy as the disposable. And since I already paid for them they felt free :). I recently ordered another 8 diapers to add to our stash so I can space out the laundry to every other day. 

relaxing in a Blueberry diaper & her new bow

And since we use a variety of brands, I figured I could give some feedback for those considering cloth diapers....

FuzziBunz - They are really well made, good quality diapers. The insert are super soft and they seem like they will last a long time. We have two types, the Elite one size and the Perfect Size diapers. I actually prefer the OS for Charlotte. Because they have these elastic bands in the waist and legs that are adjustable, they fit her really well. The Perfect Size diapers are nice, but the legs are a little roomy and I'm concerned they will leak. 

bumGenius! - These are all OS diapers with either snaps or velcro. I actually just got 3 of the velcro and love them! They are so easy to get on and off. And these diapers are probably the thinnest ones we have, giving her the smallest bubble butt possible. Great quality and very popular diapers. 

Blueberry - I actually hated these at first because they leaked. I then realized it was operator error and not the diaper. lol. These are very similar to bumGenius in fabric and style. I have two of these diapers in a newborn/small size and they fit Charlotte perfectly. They are usually the first diapers I choose to put her in because they fit her the best. 

Grovia - What I love about these diapers is the size. They fit Charlotte perfectly and don't give her a huge butt. They are also AIO (all in one's) so I don't have to worry about stuffing them or pulling the inserts out before putting them in the wash. The downfall to that (and any AIO diaper) is they take forever to dry! And for some reason the Grovia diapers stain!! All the other diapers wash clean with no issues but these stain. So I usually have to lay them out in the sun for a day to get them white (the sun is a natural bleaching agent).

And for those wanting to purchase cloth diapers, check out Kelly's Closet . They always have a deal or a sale going on and they carry a ton of brands.

nothing cuter than a naked baby

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