Saturday, December 29, 2012

The new Casa de Clute!

When we first found out we would be moving to Monterey we had planned to live on base. It was easy, the houses were big, and compared to the cost of living in town it seemed like a really good deal. But right before the big move Matt found an awesome place right up the street from Cannery Row. And lucky for us, about two blocks from our friends (the only people we know in town!). There was a lot of back and forth, pros and cons between the two places. On base was close to the commissary, had a lot of storage, a garage, but a small small yard. Off base was in town, had character, had an amazing view, but was smaller and storage was an issue. In the end we went with the quality of life. We can squeeze our stuff into the smaller place for 18 months for a great view and character galore. We called and put down a deposit. Our friends checked out the place to make sure it was legit and a few days later we signed the lease! It was a whirlwind (kinda like our move to San Diego) but exciting. We moved in right before Thanksgiving and have finally finished unpacking. Every single closet and storage space is full (we have a lot of stuff) but it is cozy and just right. And the best part is the amazing ocean view from our living room! 

First up on our tour is the outside...

our red front door!

view from the balcony

front gated area
There is also a huge yard for Harley (which he has yet to really use). We could have one hell of a party at this place!

And now for the inside....

the living room/dining room
It was really hard to figure out where to put our furniture. We wanted to be able to see the view and the fireplace from the sofa, but still needed a space for the dining room table. The table ended up against the window, which means dinner with a view every night!

the view!
Right behind the great room is the kitchen. 

There are two bedrooms on the main level, one to the left of the kitchen and one to the right...
Charlotte's room
the guest bedroom
little nook for the desk, perfect space for Matt to do his homework. 

And downstairs is the master suite. A walk in closet, bathroom, laundry room and bedroom....

It is a little cave like and very different from our vaulted ceiling master in San Diego, but we are warming up to it. There is a deck off the master with a view of the ocean. 

It is a fabulous house and we love it. I am so glad Charlotte finally has a room of her own where we could finally set up her crib! And a closet to hang all her clothes! And the overall feel of the house is wonderful. It is quaint and homey. We are very happy with our choice and will enjoy our 18 months in Monterey!

Now that you have seen the place, when are you coming to visit? Casa de Clute is always open! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

the magical sheep

Ever since she was a newborn Charlotte has loved white noise. The vacuum cleaner, static on the radio or loud a "shhhh" in her ears. I know it has to do with how loud it was inside the womb, all the blood rushing through my veins and my heart beating. So when my sister-in-law suggested a white noise stuffed animal called the "sleep sheep" I immediately went to Babies R Us and picked one up. I only wish I had discovered this thing sooner because it is truly magical. As soon as the sheep is turned on (ocean waves is her favorite) Charlotte immediately gets a dazed look of her face. She goes into the "sleepy zone" and within 5-10 minutes is completely passed out. Granted we usually have to bounce her on the exercise ball at the same time, but it is so much easier than before. 

first time using it! she is passed out!

As you can guess, the sheep goes everywhere with us. In the car (especially on long road trips), in her crib at nap time, and all around the house as needed. We even took the sheep to my Mom's house over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we did not watch it close enough. Harley got ahold of it and since it looks like one of his toys....

looking quite guilty

oh the carnage!!
It was an ugly scene. I was definitely mad, that is the only thing that gets her to sleep! Luckily, the music box survived the attack and still works. So the sheep has gone off to heaven but the music remains.  And it is actually a lot louder this way, which Charlotte loves!

still works like a charm.
For all you Mom's out there, I definitely recommend picking one of these up. It is amazing and we couldn't live without it!! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

happy 3 months Charlotte!!!


You are 3 months and 6 days old today, and boy has a lot happened in the last month! 
look at those beautiful blue eyes!
Mr. H giving you kisses! He love you so much!!
We moved from San Diego to Monterey so Daddy could go to school. You handled the move great! You slept in the car the whole way (except the last 20 minutes. So close). 
sleeping in the hotel with your babysitter, Mr H.

So far you are loving the house. You finally have your own room with your beautiful crib and rocking chair all set up. You enjoy taking your naps in your new crib, cuddling up under the blankets your Grandma's made you. You sleep for 30-45 minutes at a time (I wish it was longer) with the help of your "sleep sheep" aka white noise machine. Ever since the move your sleep cycle has gone back to waking every two hours to eat. I am hoping you are either going through a growth spurt or just getting adjusted to all the changes. I really miss sleeping for 5 hours at a time! 

You have also discovered your fingers! They are no longer tight little fists. You open your hands and move your fingers so much more. You are learning to grab toys, hold on to them, and stick them in your mouth. Actually you try to stick everything in your mouth. And the drool! You must be getting ready for some teeth because you are a drooling machine! 
mmm fingers!

You have also started to play on your mat. You are a morning person and love to get up and play for an hour or so. And when you get lonely, you cry until Mommy lays on the mat with you and we play together. It's really cute, but harder for Mommy to get chores done around the house. 

And when you aren't playing on your mat, you love to watch TV. You are mesmerized by it, so we are going to get you some Baby Einstein videos so at least it's somewhat educational. :)

This month you got to meet even more of your family. Right after we moved Auntie Sara came to visit!

you smile all the time now!!

Then we went to Nana's for Thanksgiving where you got to meet the rest of Mommy's family. You wore a beautiful orange dress and had a wonderful time. You stayed awake the entire evening and cried the entire way home (45 minutes). You were exhausted!! 

the whole family!!
getting kisses from cousin Hannah

meeting Papa Richard!! 

The next day we went shopping for your first Christmas tree! We drove up to Apple Hill and picked out a tree and cut it down! Then we ate lunch and went shopping for apples. You did great! Maybe next year you will be able to ride the ponies or play on the playground. 
at the 5k on Thanksgiving

our tree!!
And you went out to dinner at a restaurant for the first time. We met up with Great Grandma Hall and Grandma Rachel at Macaroni Grill and enjoyed a lovely meal together. You ate and then fell asleep. It was also Mommy's first time feeding you in public! I used a little privacy cover since we were in the middle of the dining room. It went great and we are happy to know we can handle a dinner out without a bunch of tears! Yay!

You are growing and changing before our eyes. We are trying to enjoy every single moment, watching you learn new things every day and teaching you all about the world. You are a wonderful baby, who demands a lot of time and attention, but that's ok with us! We love you so much!!


Mommy and Daddy