Monday, December 17, 2012

the magical sheep

Ever since she was a newborn Charlotte has loved white noise. The vacuum cleaner, static on the radio or loud a "shhhh" in her ears. I know it has to do with how loud it was inside the womb, all the blood rushing through my veins and my heart beating. So when my sister-in-law suggested a white noise stuffed animal called the "sleep sheep" I immediately went to Babies R Us and picked one up. I only wish I had discovered this thing sooner because it is truly magical. As soon as the sheep is turned on (ocean waves is her favorite) Charlotte immediately gets a dazed look of her face. She goes into the "sleepy zone" and within 5-10 minutes is completely passed out. Granted we usually have to bounce her on the exercise ball at the same time, but it is so much easier than before. 

first time using it! she is passed out!

As you can guess, the sheep goes everywhere with us. In the car (especially on long road trips), in her crib at nap time, and all around the house as needed. We even took the sheep to my Mom's house over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we did not watch it close enough. Harley got ahold of it and since it looks like one of his toys....

looking quite guilty

oh the carnage!!
It was an ugly scene. I was definitely mad, that is the only thing that gets her to sleep! Luckily, the music box survived the attack and still works. So the sheep has gone off to heaven but the music remains.  And it is actually a lot louder this way, which Charlotte loves!

still works like a charm.
For all you Mom's out there, I definitely recommend picking one of these up. It is amazing and we couldn't live without it!! 

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