Thursday, January 31, 2013

the big 0-5!!

Yesterday was a very special day, it was Harley's 5th birthday!! I can't believe he is already 5! It has been an amazing five years, full of a lot of ups and a few downs (see Strawberry butt post). He gave us a small taste of what it would be like when we had kids. (Kids are much harder but he was a good little warm up) We couldn't stay out late after work and drink until 10pm, we had to come home and feed him. We had to make sure he was taken care of if we went on vacation. And most importantly, we had to take him to the park or beach every weekend so he could run all that energy off!  It was the right amount of responsibility for a newly married couple.

And now he is a big brother to little Charlotte. He takes his job very seriously, kissing her all the time! I know they will be the best of friends, especially when she starts eating real food and dropping bits and pieces on the floor for him. :)

We can't imagine our lives without our Mr H. He brings us so much joy, he makes our house a home. He has the biggest personality of any dog, I mean what other dog actually communicates through snorts?! If he is annoyed (you make him move from his spot in bed), there is a snort for that. If he is unhappy (not getting a treat), there is a snort for that. If he is thrilled you are finally home, his whole body wiggles (while he is snorting)! And boy does he give you "the look" if you stop petting him. haha.

We adopted Harley in April 2008 and our lives were forever changed....
look at how little he was!! so cute!!

the day we got him!!

best friends, back when they were the same size.

Then we moved to DC to be with Matt and Harley loved it!
engagement photos

tasting snow for the first time

being silly on 4th of July

the ring bearer at our wedding!

Then we moved back to San Diego and Harley got to go to the beach!! 

But he needed to start pulling his weight around the house so he got a job with special needs adults. 

Christmas is his favorite holiday, especially decorating the house!
all tied up in the lights

He loves being a Navy brat

And enjoyed spending his days like this....

until his sister came along....
meeting for the first time


Now he has to spend his days watching over her. Less napping but oh so happy!

To celebrate his birthday this year, I made him some special treats. Macaroons...

And Cheeseburger muffins. Yum!

Then we sang happy birthday and he got to eat one of the cupcakes
all ready for the party!

Charlotte was super excited for his big day and decided to wear her french bulldog onesie

Happy Birthday Harley! We love you so much! 

p.s. why can't dogs live forever?!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my onesie says it all

Charlotte has finally gotten big enough to wear some of the personalized onesies people got for her. They are so cute that I just had to do a little photo shoot with her!

First up, some New Zealand onesies from Nana:
"I'm a kiwi!!"

"Mom, what does this shirt say?"

" 'made in new zealand'....what does that mean???"

This one is from Chris and Brandy 
Soooo excited to be First Baby Clute!!

Not too sure about the bow...

"get this thing off of me!"

"ooooo what's this??" easily distracted

And this cutie is from Meredith!

"what does that say?"

"he's a what?"

"hmmm let me think about that for a second"

"Oh! A Frenchie! I love frenchies!"

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas in photos

How about a little Christmas recap in photos?! First up, pictures from the Christmas card photo shoot....

blue eyes

love this one :)

cutest Christmas undies! Thank you Meredith!

Christmas Eve at Aunt Gail and Uncle Paul's house....

Matt and the girls

cousins and their girls :)

Hannah super excited about her
cowgirl hat!

Hannah and Charlotte in matching outfits! Adorable!

Christmas morning at Nana's house....

Charlotte in her new leather chair and sunglasses!

Jack helping Sara open presents

Charlotte opening her presents

Jacky being silly

Me and my girl
happy girl....
Too much fun on Christmas....looks like nap time.

We also got to spend a little time with Grandma and Rachel....

GGMA & Charlotte
breakfast with the family

my papa when he was 17. love this pic

H being silly

And finally, we had Christmas at home in Monterey....
she sure loves her Nemo!

ooo books!

Harley opening up one of his presents

Charlotte looks so excited about Daddy's gift

so silly

time to start cleaning up H

enjoying the bouncer Santa brought

all cozy in the sweater from Grandma!
It was an amazing first Christmas for Charlotte. We had a wonderful time with family and friends. Thank you all for spoiling the heck out of her this year!! Love you!