Thursday, January 3, 2013

Charlotte's first vacation

Back in May the Ahwahnee hotel was having a killer deal on rates so we booked a weekend trip to Yosemite. I hadn't been in 25+ years and Matt couldn't stop talking about it since he went with his brother a few years back. We also thought by December Charlotte would be old enough to stay with my Mom and we could have our first weekend away. Unfortunately she is more on the high maintenance scale when it comes to babies, so instead of canceling and staying home, we just took her with us! We knew we wouldn't be able to do any crazy hikes, and dinner in the fancy restaurant might not be possible, but we would do what we could and enjoy Yosemite! 

We arrived on Friday afternoon after a 5 hour drive. We drove into the park and stopped by Tunnel View for the perfect photo op....
Crazy awesome view!! Look it's El Capitan! And Half Dome!!

Then we took a short hike to Bridalveil Falls. There was some water flowing which made for a nice backdrop.

Then we settled into the hotel where we ordered room service and relaxed.

Bath time with Mommy....

Saturday morning we got up, enjoyed breakfast in the beautiful dining room

and then went for a few hikes around the park....

Vernal Falls (the lower side). 
Charlotte loves the sound of rushing water!!
And on our way back from Vernal Falls Charlotte started screaming her head off. So we stopped on the trail for a snack....

And for some reason other hikers thought that was a good resting spot because within a few minutes there was a whole group of people around us. Good thing she was almost done eating. Putting myself back together was a little challenging but all part of the adventure! :)

Then we were off to Lower Yosemite Falls.
oh look a deer!
Sunday morning was here before we knew it. We had another wonderful breakfast in the dining room then headed to see the giant sequoia trees!!

they were huge!!

It was a wonderful little weekend and a great spot for Charlotte's first vacation. We are so happy we chose to go and see Yosemite rather than staying home. She did great on all our little hikes! I know she won't remember it but we will share these gorgeous pictures with her when she gets big. And hopefully she will grow up loving the outdoors! 

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Meredith said...

Such great photos and sounds like an awesome time! You guys are so cute! xoxo