Wednesday, January 9, 2013

happy 4 months Charlotte!


Today you are 4 months (and one day) old. I know I say this every month but wow time sure flies. You have grown so much! Since your last Dr apt (3 weeks ago) you gained over a pound and now tip the scales at 14lbs 7.5oz. You are 24.5 inches long and your head is 16.5 inches. You hoover around 50% - 60% on the growth charts which means you are perfectly average. This is all fine and dandy with us because carrying you around all day can get exhausting. Especially for my left arm! For some reason you just fit better on that side so I know I will have one big bicep muscle (I'm flexing it right now and it's huge!). 

you always close your eyes when Harley gives you kisses!!
This month has been a good one for you. You are learning to love tummy time....

Your head and arms are so much stronger, making it much more enjoyable. You no longer eat the carpet the entire time. Or get super frustrated. Yay! And you are starting to giggle even more. We are always trying to get you to laugh and sometimes, for no reason, you start laughing. I know next month you will be laughing non stop. You are also standing up all the time (with my assistance of course). You love to use your legs and even do a little dancing when you stand on me. It is probably balancing but I will call it dancing, more fun that way.

You had your first taste of real food this month....watermelon! I held it and you sucked on it. You loved the sweetness and were a tad upset when I took it away. You won't start real food for another month or two, but it was fun letting you try it out a bit. 

And you must have gotten Daddy's love for the water because you LOVE bath time! You have become a little splashing queen which is so much fun to watch! Daddy is sure you will be on the swim team someday.

Note: you did some serious splashing for the camera, but all your lady parts were exposed so I couldn't post it. Not sure of the rules with naked babies and posting it on the internet. :)

In early December you got to meet Aunt Marlene (Great Great Aunt) and Cousin Gavin. You loved them both, especially Gavin! He had the touch....

passed out

He would make a wonderful Manny, but wasn't so sure about changing diapers so we might have to keep looking. j/k.

Great Grandma Hall and Grandma Rachel came to visit you twice over this past month! Once in early December and once in early January. Plus you got to see them at Christmas. That is the beauty about us living so close to them right now, we get to spend a lot of time with family. 

You also went on your first vacation this month! We went to Yosemite, just the three of us, and had a wonderful time. You loved the outdoors, especially the waterfalls and rivers. 
tunnel view

After our mini vacation was Christmas! We went to visit my family this year and spent a week relaxing with them. Aunt Sara even babysat while Daddy and I got a pedicure. 

looks like too much fun was had with Auntie Sara!

We had Christmas Eve at Aunt Gail's house and the entire family came over. You got a few fun presents from Aunt Gail and Uncle Paul. Then we had Christmas morning at Nana's house where you got so many presents!! Here you are in your new leather chair, just like Daddy's.

thank you Papa Richard and Jill!

Then we had Christmas with GGMA and Grandma Rachel. We opened presents and then went for a lovely dinner out. It was so much fun! You even look a little nap on Grandma's bed. And finally, we had Christmas at home in Monterey, just the three of us. You got even more presents! 

Santa brought you this one. You absolutely love it! We took so many pictures I am going to make a whole separate Christmas post. (Check back in a few days for that one).

"ummm can I help you?"
During Christmas we, as a family, had a "first". We bought a new car! Here we are, after breakfast with GGMA, Grandma Rachel, and Auntie Sara....
yay heated seats!!
Mommy and Daddy had their first all day date since you were born. Nana watched you while we went to a 49er game in the city. We had a ton of fun, but missed you like crazy. Someday we will take you to a football game!

great seats!

And of course this was your first New Years. We didn't do anything exciting, in fact we pretty much slept through it. Ah life with a baby. But that is ok. 2012 was good to us and we know 2013 will be just as great! 

Napping on Mommy!!

Mommy also reached a milestone this month.....all the baby weight is gone and I can finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I am by no means in shape, but at least I have more clothes to wear. My goal is to finally start a regular workout routine so I can be one buff Mama. Crossfit here I come (closest thing to bootcamp out here)! Here we are on a walk by Cannery Row. What a view!!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet girl! You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. What did we ever do without you (besides sleep of course!)? We are so excited to see what you will learn this next month. Sit up? Roll over from your tummy to your back? Happy 4 months Charlotte! 


Mommy and Daddy

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Meredith said...

Happy four months, sweet girl! Look at those blue eyes!! So beautiful! Just like her momma! xo