Thursday, February 21, 2013

Newborn photos

Last night I realized that I never got around to posting any of Charlotte's newborn photos on the blog or on facebook. (I haven't had any printed yet either, but that is on the to-do list for the weekend). I wish I could say the reason was being a busy Mom or moving or some other excuse, but in all honestly I wasn't very happy with them. It has taken me this long to accept it and move on. For some people that may seem silly. Why would someone be upset over a few pictures?! But these meant a lot to me and they just didn't come out how I expected. 

There were a few factors that contributed to my unhappiness with the photos. First, Charlotte did not cooperate at all. She was one week old at the time and it was not her best day. Instead of lying there and sleeping through the entire process, she cried. I was constantly trying to feed her to keep her happy, which only worked a little. And the photographer was there for a few hours so it's not like it was a rushed session, even though I felt rushed and stressed the entire time. And I know Charlotte picked up on that which did not help the situation at all. Second, our photographer did not specialize in newborn photography. He did an amazing job with our maternity photos and has a great eye, but he was not able to take the curled up newborn photos I wanted. And finally, I felt like there was no direction during the photo shoot. I was so nervous that I ended up standing to the side most of the time only to have my Mom tell me "get in those pictures!". It's not that I didn't want to get my picture taken, but I was so distracted and worried about Charlotte crying that I needed our photographer to tell me what to do. Sit there, move your head, do this, do that. Anything. And because of the lack of direction there is only one picture of Charlotte and I. That, above all else, made me cry. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I missed out. 

All things considered, we still have some wonderful pictures. They aren't 100% of what I wanted, but at least we have a few good ones. And I now know that I will make sure to get a baby photographer when we get Charlotte's one year photos taken. 

probably my favorite family one

my favorite of Charlotte

the only one of her and I

love this one

family photo, H looks distraught

another good one of her

cute one of the whole family

another good father daughter one - these are the best

don't mind the double chin

thinker pose
I'm sure all of you will think they are great. :) But we all know how it is, we are our own worst critic. Oh well, baby #2 will have some kick ass newborn photos. Thankfully, Charlotte can be in those too! 

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Meredith said...

I think your photos are beautiful! And you're so lucky to have so many of your whole family - including Harley!!! I wish we had more of those.