Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy 6 Months Charlotte!


I can't believe you are already 6 months old! Half a year has gone by already. Time, slow down please! Yesterday I was thinking about where we were six months ago, what we were doing, basically reliving the day you were born. Even though giving birth to you was no easy task I would do it all over again in a second. Every day, every moment with you is wonderful. You are such a happy baby and you make us smile every single day. We could not imagine our life without you. You complete our little family unit. 

it took me a while to get this smile from you! 

This month brought with it many changes for you! You are continuing to grow grow grow and now tip the scales at 17lbs 5oz and are 26 inches long! And your head circumference is in the 90th percentile! Woo hoo you are such a smart girl! And it definitely are learning something new every single day.....

you are now bigger than H! And making a silly face!

You can sit up unsupported all by yourself! Occasionally you tip over or lean back, so I still put the boppy around you so I don't have to worry. I can now sit you on the floor and leave you to play with your toys for 20 minutes ish. Sometimes you like to lean back so you can look up at the ceiling while you play. And you are now attempting to get up from that position. You haven't quite figured it out (gotta work on those ab muscles!) but you do come up half way, roll to your right, and then push off to get all the way up. Way too smart and talented for your own good. And when you don't quite make it all the way up you end up on your tummy, which is ok with you (at least for a little while). And when you get annoyed or in distress you just yell for me.
play time in the living room

look at all those toys!

Harley supervising us :)

Which leads me to the next BIG accomplishment of the said MAMA!!! And you say it all. the. time. It is so cute and fabulous to hear! I wasn't sure if I should write it in your baby book as your official "first word" since I don't think you associate it with me just yet, but I think I will. I will just leave another space for the first word that you speak and comprehend the meaning. I think it will be a few more months for that. Until then we will work on "dada" because Daddy is feeling a little left out right now. He is convinced all I say to you during the day is "mama", but that is not true at all. I also say "doggy" and "h". ;)

Today was a big first for all of us. It was your first time at daycare. The gym daycare, but daycare nonetheless. I dropped you off and went to take a class called RIPPED. I made it through 40 minutes of the class before they had to come get me. I thought maybe you just had a dirty diaper but that wasn't it. You were pretty hysterical and would not calm down. It took me a good 5 minutes or more to get you to stop and even look at me. I think you were overly tired. I just hope you didn't feel abandoned :(. And I am really hoping that you get used to it. Maybe next time I need to plan to go after you have had a nap.

here you are playing on the swings after stroller strides 
Daddy thinks you look gangster in this picture. He wants to buy you a gold chain. haha

This month we also started attending a baby class on base. I heard about it from another mom and thought we should give it a shot. It was actually really fun. The moms get to hang out and talk while the babies play, then we sing songs, have story time and play a little music. It is good for you to interact with other kids and good for me to be around grown ups! 

Speaking of music, you LOVE music! And dancing! Last night was so adorable. I went to Trader Joe's to grab a few things and you stayed home with Daddy. When I got home there was a dance party going on! Daddy was holding you and you were both rocking out. You were flailing your arms and legs and had the biggest grin on your face. And Daddy looked exhausted from dancing with you nonstop. It was cutest thing in the whole wide world.

you and Daddy at Spanish Bay Inn Bonfire

giving Daddy smiles while Mommy plays photographer!

And you are such a giggle monster! You are so happy and laugh and smile at everything (except the camera when it's time for your monthly pictures). Here you are laughing up a storm while we were eating lunch in Santa Cruz.

You are now officially on solid foods! Ahhh! (Diaper changes are a little more work now (TMI?) but with the new diaper sprayer it's not too bad.) You only eat them for dinner, just to give you a little practice eating, but you are loving it. So far you have tried butternut squash (love it), avocado (hate it) and avocado with bananas (love it). I tried avocado three times before giving up. Daddy didn't want me to force you to eat it.....he is still traumatized from being forced to eat peas. haha. And one time, mid dinner, you passed out! We could barely keep from laughing!

sooo cute!!

You have graduated from the front carrier to the grocery cart when we go shopping. I decided to give it a try since you are always trying to look around, and it was a success. You love to stare at people, eat the list, and chew on the pen. haha. Mommy's little helper. :)

And when we are out and about people are always coming up to say hello to you. Your eyes are your most distinguishable feature. They are a deeper, prettier blue than mine or your Dads. Wherever we go people always comment on your gorgeous blue eyes, and of course how cute you are. You say thank you with a big long as they don't call you a boy....which happens even when you wear pink (annoying!).

Happy 6 months sweet girl! You are such an energetic and happy baby.  You are adventurous, silly, and a big cuddle monster. You are beautiful beyond words and somehow get even cuter with each passing day. You are growing up way too fast. Our itty bitty baby is becoming a big girl before our eyes. We love you so much!

Mommy and Daddy

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