Wednesday, April 10, 2013

happy 7 months Charlotte!

Little C ~

Happy 7 months my girl! It seems like these monthly birthday posts come quicker and quicker. I say this every month, but it's true, you are growing like a weed. 

You are now 18lbs 13oz, 27 inches long, with a head circumference of 44.5cm. All in the 75th percentile for your age. I thought for sure you would be over 100%. You are a pretty big bundle to be carrying around all day long. My left bicep gets a pretty good workout! It would be nice to hand you off to other people but you are SUPER attached to us! You must be afraid someone is going to snatch you. Even if we are in the room while you are being held by someone else you fuss. Needless to say, going to the gym for a full hour is rare. If I can get in 45 minutes I am happy, but you are all sniffly and sad. I'm sure that repetition is key and eventually you will get used to it. Fingers crossed. 

"here Mama, have my toy"

Your big accomplishment of the month was saying DADA!! And you have since given up "mama" in favor of "dada". Whenever you talk you usually mumble lots of "dadas" and occasionally a "baaa". Oh and I think you say "h" but it comes out more like "AAHHHHH". But since you usually squawk it as Harley is walking by, I'm convinced it is a super excited "H"! Plus, H is just a really hard letter to say properly, so I have to use my Mommy super powers to interpret your words. :)

you and that Dada fellow hanging out.

This month you also got two bottom teeth!! One of them popped through right after your 6 month birthday and the other appeared a week ago. You are still getting used to them and have become quite the chewer. Sofie the giraffe is a very popular toy these days. But you know what isn't a toy? Mommy. Yes, you have bit me a few times lately. Testing those teeth out on the nipple...not cool. Definitely not looking forward to those top teeth coming in. Ouch!

can you spot the teeth?? so cute! Reminds me of Uncle Jim!
chewing on some paper and giving me "the look"

You are also close to crawling. You are kicking those feet and inching around to get close to toys when we force you to play on your tummy. I have a feeling you will be crawling in the next two months....not to mention walking before we know it. Time for us to start baby proofing the house!

tummy time photo shoot

You got to celebrate two holidays this month.....channeling your inner Irish girl....

happy St Patty's day!

And Easter! We didn't do anything for Easter (we were actually flying that day) but you got a pretty awesome gift from Papa Richard and Jill...

Mr Puffy! 
Mr Puffy is all sorts of fun to chew on! Surprisingly Harley hasn't tried to attack and shred him to pieces. He definitely knows which toys are his and which are yours and lets your toys be. He is such a good brother.

Here you are both playing with the wrapping paper roll as I wrap Aunt Jenny's gift. My little helpers!

You decided the ribbon looked like fun too!! So cute!

This month you also went on your first flight!! We went to Puerto Rico with Great Grandma, Grandma Rachel, Auntie Sara, and (Uncle) Peter. Our travel days were 12+ hours and you did so great!! People should have been high-fiving us as we were getting off the barely cried and were a total charmer the whole time. You handled it really well. And you loved the warm weather of Puerto Rico!! I am going to do a separate post about that vacation, so for now just one little picture.....

at the bacardi factory for a tour!!
Miss Charlotte you are becoming cuter and cuter every single day. And smart, and funny, and talkative, and very entertaining to be around. I feel very blessed to not only be your Momma but to be able to spend every single day with you. It's hard to believe one year ago we had just found out that you were a girl! So much has changed and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

We love you sweet girl!

Mommy & Daddy

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