Thursday, April 25, 2013

puerto's a family affair

Vaca recap time!! Finally! Now that we have Charlotte napping in her crib again, she sleeps better and longer which means I can get a few more things done around the blogging!

Over spring break we went on a family vacation to Puerto Rico. Grandma, Rachel, Sara, Travis Peter, Matt, Charlotte and me. It was the first time all of us (minus Charlotte of course) had travelled together since 2008, back when Matt and I got engaged! It was long over due. 

As you recall, we started our vacation early with a little wine tasting in the Sonoma area with family. On Sunday we met up with Grandma and Rachel near the San Francisco airport since we would be flying together early Monday morning.

crossing the golden gate bridge, on our way to the hotel!

enjoying drinks and food the night before our trip!
 We relaxed, had some dinner and tried to get to bed at a reasonable hour since we had a 6am flight to catch. I don't know about everyone else but it was hard for me to get to sleep....I was just too excited about our trip!

We made our way to the airport, through security, onto the plane and to our first layover - Dallas - without any issues. Charlotte slept for half the flight and was very well behaved the rest of the time. I was on cloud nine, and then I got the voicemail. "Hello, this is American Airlines. We are calling to inform you that your flight from Dallas to Puerto Rico has been cancelled. You have been rebooked on a flight tomorrow, flying from Dallas to NY to Puerto Rico. Goodbye". UM WHAT??!! Not only was our flight cancelled, but we are won't be flying out until the following day, and through New York....WTF? What about my vacation time? It's not like we could just extend the trip an extra day or two. Matt had to be back on Sunday because his first class started Monday. Ugh.

As soon as we got that message we headed over to the counter to ask what was going on. We had heard rumors they had actually rebooked us for that day. The whole time we waited I was anxious and nervous. I just couldn't relax until I knew for sure we were on that flight. We get up to the counter and guess what? They did get a new plane and our original flight was set to leave at the same time. But there were 30 fewer seats on this new plane, and since we were sitting near the back we got booted off. UGH!! So we begged and pleaded and told them we HAD to get on a plane today to get to Puerto Rico! Under no circumstances were we waiting until the next day to fly out. Luckily they were able to book us on another flight, going through Miami (lame) and arriving at 10pm. Not happy about extending our day even longer but at least we were getting there the same day. Needless to say we had drinks while we waited to catch our flight to Miami. 

riding the old people shuttle through the airport to catch our next flight
After arriving at our hotel (Caribe Hilton), ordering room service and hanging out for a bit we were ready for bed! Time to rest up and recharge after all that traveling!!

We spent most of the time we were in San Juan at the pool and beach, which is exactly what I wanted. We were paying for the room and the amenities, we might as well enjoy them right? We wanted as much relaxation and fun in the sun as we could get. It is breezy and cool in Monterey and we were in need of some warm tropical weather. And boy did Charlotte love it! She got to wear her cute sundresses, splash around in the pool, and take naps in the hammocks. Couldn't get any better than that!!

nap time


ass beats towel

view from the room

nap time while everyone else enjoyed the bar

 Playing in the pool and the sand was Charlotte's favorite part of the trip!! She is a water baby!

ooo sand

 Our one excursion of the trip was rum tasting at the Bacardi factory. And it was delicious! And it was free! We got two drinks tickets each and a tour of the factory. We also stocked up on a couple of bottles for the room, so we would spend less at the pool bar!

the flying "v". Where is this free booze you speak of?

oh yea give me some rum!!

the Clutes!!

the whole gang
We also enjoyed some shopping and a few dinners in old town San Juan. It is such a cute little downtown area, with tiny streets and bright colored buildings. The roads are stone and there are wonderful little restaurants on the street. Has a quaint European feel.

dinner downtown

Sara getting kissed by an Iguana
her first pina colada! (virgin of course)
Charlotte's friend! She came over and wanted to play with her. so cute!!

 One of the nights the boys decided to explore the city on their was it a shocker waking up to this the next morning!!

and Peter, channeling his inner lion
They obviously had a really great time!!

The whole trip flew by. Before we knew it it was time to go home. :( I definitely could have used a few more days on the beach. I miss wearing my dresses and shorts and flip flops! And spending all that quality family time together was awesome. Lots of good bonding happened during all that time spent day drinking. haha. And watching movies in bed together. And Charlotte did so well! She was a little more attached to us since her surroundings were unfamiliar and she didn't remember who anyone was, but we made due. We just slathered on the sunscreen and spent as much time out and about as possible. It was perfect.

playing with Mommy's hat


Gma as a baby? Nope, Charlotte with Gma's wig on!!
And finally, a little video of Charlotte splashing in the water. Pretty sure this was her first time in the ocean! First flight, first time in the ocean, first time in a wig, lots of firsts for this little girl.

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Samantha said...

You look great, Shannon!!

Charlotte looks like she is a beach baby for sure!! and that pic of her in your grandma's wig...Omg, I about died! Hilarious. :)