Thursday, May 30, 2013

Charlotte's room

As requested from a fan (you know who you are).....a post about the nursery. Apparently I never got around to posting photos of Charlotte's room after we moved! Shame on me!! So, without further adieu, here is little Miss' room....

Using the phone camera, I took this one of the entire room

When you enter her room, there are a few stairs (the house is on a hill), and this is the first thing you see.....

Left to right.....the changing table/dresser

We decided to just purchase a dresser rather than a changing table. This way she can use it for many many years (hopefully). We got a pad to go on top of the dresser, and some baskets to organize all those baby supplies.  The dresser and crib are Munire. They were middle of the road in cost. Not super cheap, but not outrageously expensive either. Good quality, good reviews, and the style we both loved. Plus the crib is convertible, so it will be her toddler bed and big girl bed someday. 

Wall decor: that big mirror, which used to be in our dining room in San Diego, is covering up the circuit box. It is a HUGE box and so ugly!!! It was the only thing I could think to hang over it. And Charlotte seems to love it. Every day when she wakes up from her nap I show her the baby in the mirror and she always smiles and giggles. So cute!! If we were living here forever, I would look around for something else to hang there, but it fits the bill for now. The other pictures have all come from family and friends. Personal, creative, and very near and dear to us.

All her bedding is Pottery Barn. It had great reviews and we got it all as a gift. Plus, I love a good monogram! You can see the quilt is monogrammed with her name :). I placed it there just for the photos, because we all know "no blankets in the crib". We do use a bumper. It is breathable, and I believe I also got it from Pottery Barn.

And thank goodness for the built-in bookshelves in this house! Without them I would need to get a lot more creative about storage. They hold all her books, baskets with her stuffed animals, etc. And the closet even has them too!

And finally, our much loved Pottery Barn rocking chair! I actually wanted a glider, but Matt hated how they looked, regardless of the comfort or that I would be the one spending the majority of the time in it. And he had a good point: we should get something we can eventually put in our living room, especially considering the cost of these chairs. So we shopped and shopped and eventually settled on the PB Comfort Small & Ottoman - french stripe oatmeal fabric. We tried to select a neutral fabric, knowing it will eventually end up in the main living space. We love this chair. 

Two things I really want to add to her room: first, her name in wood letters. I have a shop on Etsy I want to buy it from, and I plan to place it right above that chair. In another house, it will be centered above the crib. And second, a beautiful rug for the floor. Something pink and white (of course!), with a lovely pattern. I think it will really complete the room and bring it all together. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

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