Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mother's day

Today is my first Mother's day. I never thought it would mean so much to me, but it does. It is the first holiday I had to earn. Pregnancy, labor, childbirth.....and the job never actually ends. It's wonderful. It's rewarding. It's also really damn hard. So today, on Mother's day, I want to send out some thanks of my own. 

the day I became a Mommy.

To my mom, a thank you is never going to be good enough. You have done so much for me, for us, and I can really appreciate it all now (not that I didn't before, but now I really know what's up!) You are an amazing Mom. Loving. Supportive. Generous. Beautiful. A perfect example. I love you so much and wish we could spend more time together. Charlotte is so lucky to have you as her Nana. 

bath time circa 1983

the day my Mom became Nana

To my Grandma, I love you. Talk about the best Grandma in the world. I say it ever single year but it is so true. You are the best. I don't know how is the world we got so lucky. You are patient, loving, giving, and pretty darn funny. We love traveling with you and creating so many wonderful memories. And I am so happy Charlotte gets to have those memories too. Thanks for everything Gma. 

me and Grandma :)

Charlotte and her Great Grandma

And a special shout out to Rachel. You are one crazy fool, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Without you, life just wouldn't be as entertaining. Plus, who would I call with my random questions? You seem to know it all! We love you!

I would not be the woman, or mother, I am today without each of you. You have all supported me and loved me unconditionally and for that I am forever thankful. Charlotte is so lucky to have each of you in her life. She is one very loved little girl.

three generations

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